Monday, December 31, 2007

I must have some of this.

And hide it from anyone (read: girlchild) in the house who'd use it all up in an hour but also become frustrated because nothing stays glued.

Instant DIY sticky notes with special repositionable glue stick.

Boo Yah. Because the boy child just delights in pulling apart the actual pads of sticky notes I buy--and the ones he can abscond with from his father's desk. Which leads to Paul wandering about the house asking where things are.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Belated Birthday Note to Cartert

Dear Carter,
You've been 2 for two whole months now. And Mama is just getting to writing her letter to you. By the time you're old enough to really read this, you'll know that's pretty typical and A) roll your eyes, B) laugh, or C) A+B with a touch of love.

Now, I could wax poetic about how much I love you, and gush how, over the past two years, you've changed my life in ways that I never could have fathomed. I could tell you about the tears and joys you've brought to our lives. Or I could try to explain how the journey of adding a second child and first son to our lives has been such an adventure--one I never knew I'd enjoy so much.

Instead, I think I'll just tell you how cool and weird and wonderful you are. When I look back at these times, these are a few of the things I'll want to remember about you now:

  • You have the goofiest sense of humor! Your father says it's from me, and he's probably right. One of your favorite things is to completely gross out Mama with boogers. You will pick at your nose--and in no small way!--then hold it out to me and say, with this *look* in your eyes, "Bite?" You don't do this to anyone else, just me. Because it freaks me out, and you like that.
  • You're much more sensitive than your sister. Apples to apples, when Bun would get angry and pitch a fit, you become upset or have hurt feelings. You need LOTS of hugs. And boo-boo-gone kisses. You're not a wuss; you often do just get up and keep on trucking. But you're not above running to home base for some love.
  • Man are you a picky eater! I used to have myself convinced my tactic of always feeding a small child the same meal as their parents, not bribing, and not sneaking in foods was a WINNER. I mean, Bunny eats everything and other moms comment on how she will gobble escargot en brioche or even begrudgingly take her couple of bites of kale. Then came you, little man. You, who survived on willpower and milk for something like 5 weeks in early fall. This again, you get from your mother. I went on food strikes, too. I'm a foodie now, so there is hope. Until then, there is The Sneaky Chef. Yes, I now hide veggies in meatballs. *sigh* Oh how low the mighty have fallen. You're just as stubborn as me, dangit.
  • You still sleep with us. Kind of. You sleep in an adjacent futon to our queen bed, and we shuffle around as you wander over to find 'touch' with me, then I usually shift, Paul goes all the way to the far side of the futon... long story short, it is not at all uncommon for someone to end up UPSIDE DOWN in the queen bed as we accommodate you sleeping sideways, especially after your sister creeps in at about 5:30 insisting there is plenty of room. I shudder to think how we will make it so the baby can cosleep in this mess we created. I also longingly think of hte day when you and Cole will share a room and hopefully we'll get at least, say 4-5 hours just parents in the bed. But I know we'll miss having you 'nuggle' with us, too. Your Daddy has said it: we like having you guys close, as inconvenient as it is sometimes.
  • You are at the same time a poop denier and a poop "wolf cryer". Hopefully it's something leading up to the day you use a toilet and your recongition signals are haywire with the latter. Either way, we can count on you to deny having very obviously soiled yourself or declare you *have* pooped when you're not even wet. However, you do manage to have a nasty bordering on blowout diaper at the park a good 4 out of every 5 times. Way to go dude, I really appreciate that. :-/
  • You're pretty well mannered considering you're not all that verbal yet. You say please and thank you and you're welcome very reliably, which charms your adoring public to no end. Sometimes you lay it on a bit thickly, such as you thanking Bunny with much gusto for being a turd and chucking your juice at you because she was grumpy. Or was that your sense of humor again? Were you sarcastic? Hmmm. Again, that would be a wee bit from me.
  • You kick trees. Dunno why. But boy does every tree need a good kicking in your opinion.
  • You love music, but hate my singing. Which may simply mean you have good taste, as I have a 4 note range, more or less. HOWEVER, you did see Barry Manilow singing Copa Cabana on Ellen and screamed, "That's awesome!", so I am not completely sure of your taste. At least it wasn't Mandy.
Cartito, this is just a smattering of what makes you, well, YOU! Any day now you'll be a big brother. I try to forget that you'll also be the dreaded middle child. I try to couch it as that you're the older brother. I hope very much we're all able to help you with this transition and to keep you YOU. Because you're pretty awesome the way you are. Boogers and poop and all. I can't wait until we have real conversations and I can learn more about what you think about things. Except Barry Manilow. I hope you don't find him awesome very soon. Because that's just wrong.

Souper Yum

So yesterday I cooked the ~8 lb ham. Yum. I had ham and hominy and eggs twice in 24 hours, and Bunny and Paul had plain old ham steak with eggs, plus Paul has been eating ham-out-of-hand all day, and there is still a ton left. My main goal was getting the bone and ancillary meat to make split pea soup. I am so glad legumes are back on Paul's diet after years of no split pea soup, or it being seen as some major splurge (for the record, beans and legumes lower insulin resistance and the impact of both the carbs in the meal you're eating *and* the next meal, so there!).

Anyway, it was a very easy recipe. Take 2 lbs dried split peas and dump into 4 qts water, bring to boil and simmer 3 mins, then let sit covered for 1 hour. Then bring back to simmer along with about a cup each of celery, carrot, and onion. Add about 1/2 tsp salt, 1 tsp dried thyme, 4 bay leaves, 1/4 tsp pepper, some celery seed and put in the reserved ham bone and any meat you're willing to give up for the cause. Simmer about 90 mins. Depending on how thick you like it, you may want to thin it with some chicken stock. Voila.

I'm putting away some to freeze for a meal after Cole comes, and we'll nosh on more in the coming days. Tomorrow I think I will make a double batch of "Big Martha's" meatloaf and freeze one. Except I prefer oatmeal to bread in it. It's what I had growing up, and what I like. Sue me.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

I *heart* this idea!

Keep a list of things you swore you’d never do as a parent

This is an awesome idea. I remember way back when I had such high ideals on, oh, everything mothering. I still do have high ideals, it turns out, compared to a lot of people out there. (You really get your eyes opened once you're no longer only in the very self selecting groups of mother's clubs and co-op preschools, where ideals are pretty dang high anyway... public school, even in the area of San Jose that wants very badly to be Los Gatos makes you realize you're a rock star in comparison to some [and a schlub compared to others, oh well!]).

Anyway, along the way we all seem to make concessions to reality. We buy a Happy Meal--then we at least rationalize that one child gets apples and one gets fries; they split it and it's somehow not total junk. We buy battery operated toys--and the 40 pack of AAAs at Costco. We crank up PBS Kids and Sprout, and if it's a bad day we may even let 'em watch SpongeBob just to get dinner made while being the only adult in the house. But we do a lot of things right, too.

Anyway, this is a great idea--to revel in inadequacies we never expected to have.

Oh, and I'm still preggers. Dammit. Oh, and cranky. And nesting. Let's see, what has Muffy done today? Hmmm. 5 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, baked a ham (going to make split pea soup and freeze half tomorrow), and sorted a lot of maternity clothes for the charity pick up on Jan 4. The kids can't possibly have more clean clothes than they do, unless I start making them go naked, there is nary a dirty linen or towel in the joint, and even the trash rugs I put on the cement floor in the garage around the fridge and washer/dryer are freshly laundered. I hope this kid decides to get born before I have to paint the exterior of the house or something to use up this nesting energy.

Friday, December 28, 2007

If I were only this creative...

I am beginning to suspect I live in some alternate reality where there are TRULY less hours to my day than others have. Or maybe it's simply that I really like to sleep. If I were an insomniac, I'd get so much more done, I promise. But I love sleep. Like 6-7 hours minimum. (Don't remind me that will sound like a decadent amount soon when night feedings re-enter my life!)

Anyway, this blog is too cool and I only wish I were able to do more than look and imagine finding the time and space and keeping the kids out of the way and out of my stuff long enough to make one in ten of these projects this woman does. Though she has her share of UFOs (unfinished objects), I am sure, too.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a mess.

It's far too early to know how it all happened, but by now there are probably 3 people in the Western World and beyond who don't know a young man was killed at the SF Zoo and that two others were badly injured on Christmas. A lot of evidence points to the tiger having been provoked somehow to escape ( Again, while it's still being investigated, this sounds pretty likely, as zoo tigers are not in 'sparring shape' and even if the moat is not as tall as current standards (seems it's off by 4 feet), it's still quite a leap for a flabby 'kept tiger' to leap. Anyway, we're keeping our membership, as we love the SF Zoo and I'm sad to see that this gorgeous creature is dead.
We went to the zoo on Veteran's Day and I got a little clip of Tatiana in her enclosure. Yes, she was huge! But you can see how great a leap she had to make. While I am sorry for the families affected, this reeks of Darwinian justice. My 2 yr old would know better than to taunt a tiger.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Carter Skywalker

Carter Skywalker, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

We had a very merry Christmas and are now in the hangover stage, where the toys are fun, but the natives are also restless.

Carter made out very well, getting a teeny bike, a lot of Jay Jay and Thomas stuff, a light saber (darn that Santa putting that in the stocking), a pedal-free trike with wagon, about 20 Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars, and some nummy candy, plus some other things I am sure I'm omitting.

Bunny got her first two wheel with NO training wheels, a real digital camera (better in MPs than Mama's!), a very soft Steiff bear, a pottery wheel, 3 or 4 books, the much coveted Littlest Pet Shop ranch set, plus a few other new 'pets', and of course candy.

Oh, and of course a light saber, too. She and Carter have waged many a battle with them, and even took them to the park today. Both nights I have had to confiscate the sabers and put them away once the kids seemed to be turning to the Dark Side in temperament. ;)

I'm still large and in charge here. Today we met up with Heidi and her kids at the park and she laughed out loud at how huge I had gotten just since Saturday when last she saw me. From my view point (mainly above) it doesn't look much different, but apparently I'm really dropping, haha. I will say it's damn near impossible to keep up any but the one pair of cropped jeans (PERFECT in cold Dec weather, p'shaw) because I am not shaped anything like a normal human, well anything like a non-ready-to-pop human.

Paul said he considers the real Christmas to be whenever Cole's born, and he feels like he's in suspended animation until then. He really can't wait to hold the little guy. I'm excited to see him, but I think, seeing as I feel him all the time, it's not the same for me as him. Yes, I want to hold him, but I *have* been holding him. He's all mine now; Paul wants to have his baby in his arms. Which, since I got the sling washed and ready, he will get a lot of, fear not. Paul does the screeching baby routine much more sanely than me. It drives me up the wall when babies cry with no resolution available. Paul, however is so good at remaining calm despite the pissed-off-for-no-discernible-reason mass of humanity. Which is why the person who made slings large enough for men is a saint (though probably, they're really just for larger sized women--whatever, it works for me). Paul gets his baby time, and I get my free time, ya know, to make dinner or some other comparatively relaxing thing in the evening. ;)

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Carter's Beloved Rock

Carter's Beloved Rock, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Behold the Rock. No, not the wrestler cum actor who's really named Dwayne I think. :) This is Carter's Rock. It's small enough for his palm, flat, and both water and increasingly careworn. It also fits nicely in his pocket. Most rocks do not see much action beyond what happens near their resting spot, but this one gets around. It (He?) goes to school, to stores, to watch Bunny sing songs with her class, pretty much everywhere but the park (Mama says it stays in the car then, because she's pretty sure it'd get lost *there*). Carter proudly shows it off to all who appear to be attentive, thrusting it in their faces saying, "Rock!" Kids are cute.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

How big is Kristianna? Soooo Big!

I think I look like I'm dropping? This is not a full profile, which would be even more impressive, probably. I find myself spending a lot of time gawking at my bigness in the mirror lately. Amazing there is yet another human about to emerge pretty much whenever he's ready to get on the daylight side of things. I personally need a couple more days to get presents finished and wrapped/shipped, and I want to be sure to see Bunny's class do their Christmas program Wednesday. After that, bring it on, I say... well, until like the 24th thru the 25th. The 26th? Again, bring it on. ;)

Why, oh why do I do this?

More Cards, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Here are our friends and family cards for this year... well three of them. :)

I got the idea from the December edition of Family Fun magazine (good magazine if you're a mom with older than baby kids and are ready to slit your wrists at the idea of ONE MORE article about baby skin issues or developmental stages for the first year... they really just regurgitate all the topics year after year, I swear). Anyway, Family Fun has things to do and make and stuff like that which if you're a wee bit craftsy like we are, is a wonderful find (a doctor's office find, no less!).

These are a family of reindeer, one print per member who can breathe air outside my womb (Bunny suggested a teeny print for Cole, but it feels jinxy to me). I did mine first, then basically played amateur fingerprint taker for the kids and Paul, bless his impatient heart, sucked it up for 3-5 mins to appease me and put his thumb to paper about 40 times. I glued on the eyes and Bunny put on the noses, fretting much about who to make 'Rudolph' on each card (strangely, she seems to be Rudy a LOT, hmmmmmm!). Then I let it all dry and now I am putting on antlers (varying sizes, of course, since a fawn of Carter's size would only have weeny beginner antlers and Paul's are obviously more developed--yes, I spend time and brain energy thinking about these things). Since they're homemade, I have to actually write in them, so that's the slow going part, as Carter likes to crawl onto me and scream "I draw!" and grab at things every time I think I have a moment to do a card. Then I spend time figuring something he *can* draw and somehow I only get one or two finished a day. Where does the time go? Oh yeah... kids.

I love home made cards, since it seems everyone else is more wise to the expedience of photo cards (which are great, too), but they just are not as nice on the mantle as the real deal cards. Then I can enclose a photo of the kids for those who'd actually appreciate one and those who really could give a crap about owning some strange child's photo has a real card to enjoy.

But this is time consuming, I tell you. I always think something will be so much simpler than it is and bite off too much. It would take me a day to make these were it not for, oh, those kids and being a million weeks pregnant. ;)

Feeling the Power of the Light Side

Verdict is in: our kids love Star Wars. Thankfully it's On Demand, as the 'live' showing started at 7 last night, and no way were the kids staying up until after 9, no matter how cool Yoda is. :) Plus Bunny can watch and ask her 1,000,000 questions clarifying who exactly is bad and not. Weird thing is, while we all found out Darth Vader was Luke's father way back whenever (1980??) Bunny already knew it, since to her the series runs in a different order than it does to me and every child of the 70s (or their elders). Carter? He just likes the action and seems to believe he's watching himself whenever Luke is onscreen. Took us a while to figure out why he kept hollering "Cartert!" at the screen and then became upset when Luke was not in the scene.

Anyway... finally something we all like and not just something the adults merely find un-terrible. ;) Since they could not stay up to watch the second half, and it's yucky weather this weekend, I foresee much 'force feeling' in the immediate future.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

An Inconvenient Possibility

2007SantaPhoto, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Sometimes it's easy to forget the girlchild in this photo above (cute Santa photo, no?) is only 5. And a half, she'd have me say, of course, since that 'a half' is a big half.

Bunny has such an advanced vocabulary that you forget it's still very 5 yr old sensibilities inside, no matter how well spoken she is.

For example: I'm talking to my dad today and he jokes about how would we deal if I were to go into labor on the 24th or 25th. The 25th would be better, since it'd probably mean even if I were uncomfy, I'd be able to see Christmas morning, whereas the 24th would make me miss that, and as much as having a baby would be the perfect salve for such a thing, I'd still be very bummed to not see their eyes, hear them on that morning--ya know.

Then my dad tells me that he talked with Bunny about what she thought about if that were to happen. She said, "That would be very inconvenient for me and I would not like it at all." Then she went on about the general worries a child has about how the man in red can find a child who's not at home on Christmas morning.

All sounds so rational, and like she'd be better at dealing than me in the end were that to happen! But at the same time, Bun has been spending a WHOLE lot of time observing the different chimneys in our neighborhood, marvelling at how Santa can fit down them, once she realized the 'circle part' (flue) is really the part that is the chimney itself and the bricks are not how wide a chimney actually is. She also noticed a lot of people have covers (spark arrestors) on top. How then does Santa get down?? Magic, I say, over and over (and over). Note to self: thank Norbert for that tip: Magic is the answer to all Santa questions. It works.

So, she's not growing up too fast after all. She just talks a good talk.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Parent-Teacher Conference Time...

It was Tuesday morning, but I am just getting to sitting down and hopefully writing all about it (Carter is napping, so some of this depends on him cooperating by staying unconscious!).

Mrs. Cline started off by saying she hoped I realized what a special child I have, that she really adores Bunny. :) She loves how good her manners are, and also how well spoken she is. Told me that on day 2 or 3 there was an assignment to color in a picture of an apple, and Bunny hesitantly, but very deliberately told her, "Excuse me, but I don't color; I create. Can I draw an apple?" Which is totally Bunny to a 'T'. That child knows her mind, I can attest to that.

Mrs. Cline went on to say that Bunny seems to enjoy playing with a variety of classmates and taking leadership positions, such as being a class Safety Marshal. (For what it's worth, I named her House Safety Marshall, too, haha.) With regard to 'standards' for her grade, she's exceeding most concepts and meeting some others (not a big fan of writing in all lower case, but that is typical of her age). Her spatial awareness, ability to predict and reason are precocious, and she is a great listener (good to hear she listens at school haha, since she mainly excels at interrupting at home, heehee).

All in all, she's doing wonderfully, and I am proud--and so is Bunny! This is the teacher comment on her report card:
Bunny is an excellent student and her love for school is obvious! She is creative, confident, and polite. Bunny excels with listening, following directions, and classroom behavior. It is always interesting to hear her share in front of the class because her language is very sophisticated. Bunny knows all letter names and all letter sounds and is beginning to read simple words. Our focus the next trimester will be writing numbers and lower case letters. During choice time Bunny enjoys going to the art center. Bunny is a joy to have in class!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Eye bleach please. PLEASE?!?

Do I really need to say anything here?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

He was just checking... honest!

Today Desmond and Luke came over to play and Gretchen and Heidi stayed the whole time to visit. It was nice to sit and chat... anyway at some point Luke began to make quite a stink, literally, but did not admit to needing a new diaper. Heidi was lying on the floor on her stomach, as Luke ran this way and that... we figured eventually he'd decide he did want to be clean after all. Carter was really enjoying hearing the word poop so much, and at one point I checked him to make sure he was not contributing to the 'odeur' in the air. Anyway, a few moments later Heidi is gasping in shock -- Carter has pulled her waistband away from her rear end and checked her for poop! First time a male has been that fresh with her in quite some time. ;)

Thankfully Heidi is indeed potty trained, and was clean. Or so she claims!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Carter & His Lovey

100_4983, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

My sweet boy has an odd lovey. Mama's big belly. I kid you not, the child loves this belly of mine. He will walk up, raise my shirt a little, say, "Hello! Baby Be-yee!" and wave at well, my belly button (the best part, it seems). He loves to rub his cheek on it, rest his head on it. If big sister comes up and wants to use my belly as a pillow, too, he will try to pull my stomach towards him (not so comfortable) and scream, "Mine!" He will also tell 'the belly' "Bye bye!" and wave at it then cover it back over.

Too bad it's a temporary thing. Well, for him. Personally, I won't mind forgetting I can't fit in tight spaces or bonking myself with doors, or my favorite, as I go around a corner. (Yes, I am very graceful.) Plus, it's the baby boy who is making it this size, and he's set to debut sometime in about 6-8 weeks (my due date is kind of fluid and may change as I never agreed with the Jan 12 date to begin with, haha).

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Monkey Cake for the Little Monkey Boy

The birthday party is over and was all in all a success. I didn't realize when I set the date that it was also the return to standard time, so by all of 5:30, the little boys were stumbling tired (it feeling like all of 6:30, haha). I have to admit, the cake was really yummy. Chocolate with chocolate butter cream. Took me forever to get those dang ears on, and I was not ready with the rest of the food by the time our guests were here, but it was only Desi's and Luke's families, so not someone who I have to be perfect for. ;)

Carter had a great time, actually ATE some of his cake (unlike the ice cream from his birthday), and is now pooped. As are we all!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tee Shirt Factory

Tee Shirt Factory, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Stumped as to what to give the kids for favors for Carter's birthday party, I settled on making tee shirts. Well, Hanes made them. But I dyed them and did the rest. I always get a little grumpy when buying loot bags for kids, as it's just something you do because you're supposed to, and then it's all in the trash or on its way there before dusk settles that day.

Now these were fun! I have a feeling the boys will like theirs well enough (and hey, they're boys; they care a lot less)... the girls? I have no clue if Lily and Anika will wear them. Bunny asked me to make her an extra one: the top left one... and lemme tell you, she wanted about 10x more hearts on it. We're really still trying to get this whole less is more concept, haha. Bunny has said she'll wear hers with her name on it when she has a substitute teacher. Now that's using your noodle! ;)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Oh yes I di'id!

Oct 29 2007, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

I just have to show off this one. Mini bagel mummies! Today I very innocently asked Bunny, who brings the best or coolest snacks to school? I was pretty sure, since kids always are stinkers, she'd say, well someone else. But she said she did. Aww yeah. Sad to say it, but these little things are what make it fun. She said lots of kids have the same snack everyday and hers is always fun to see when she opens it. Yay me. :)

Tomorrow's is already in the works. I made 'faux' pumpkin custard... okay, it's sugar free instant vanilla pudding mixed with pumpkin and the pie spices, but it tastes pretty dead on, and I needed to figure something that would fit in the box cups without melting in an oven). I ate one of them (it made like 4 servings) and it was really pretty damn good, if I don't say so myself.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Birthday My Sweet Boy.

I intend to do a better birthday open letter to my precious boy later. I'm a tad bit distracted by the earthquake we just had, even though it was nothing to write well, anywhere about, haha. But I still have that adrenaline from scooting everyone into the hallway. :) It was a 5.6 and decently close, but just a rumbler.

Happy Birthday Carter!

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Is Halloween over yet?

While I suppose it's nice that costumes get a lot more use these days, it's out of CONTROL how much Halloween has changed from a one night, put on a sheet or something lame that resembles a trash bag with a very dangerous mask having itty eyeholes, into a month long extravaganza. Our first H'ween party was September 29!!! Eeesh.

Anway, here are the kidlets, in their sugar-induced states from Friday when we went TOTing downtown. I must admit they're super cute kids. ;) Little Carter was mystified by it all, but he certainly 'got' that people were being really nice and giving away candy to him, and all he had to do was hold out a big pumpkin bucket!

Was it wrong that I ate a Reece's cup out of his bucket that very night? Hey, he doesn't even like peanut butter (though I guess adding chocolate to the equation may have changed it a bit).

P.S. Carter is a monkey, but he refuses to put up the hoodie part. Stinker!

Friday, October 26, 2007

A nice, laid back weekend. Pshaw!

Is October over yet? Is it?? Please?? In our house, we jokingly call fall 'birthday season' since there are a damn lot of birthdays mid-Sept thru early November, but October is by far the pinnacle. Of course, I didn't make things any easier by having a child the day before Halloween, did I? (Going with the theme, I fully expect to do into labor at, oh, 3 a.m. on Christmas morning or something magically impossible like that... I imagine myself trying to breathe through early labor while hurrying the kids through the "Santa Came!" portion and hightailing it to the hospital to deliver, but I digress.)

Anyway, counting that one party was for twins (which means it's double the fun and I count this as two), there are/were 8 birthdays in October. Plus: Bunny won that award, so we had to go to that thing. And there are Halloween festivities to get to. I was going to have C's birthday party this weekend, but another friend is having a party for a playgroup I am in, and we wanted to go, so I pushed his back a weekend. Which is a great thing, since we're going to be going trick or treating downtown this evening after the park playtime. Then tomorrow Bunny really wants to go to Lakeshore Learning to make a craft tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon we have a birthday party at a pumpkin patch (please, let it be in the shade, said the pregnant lady).

Sunday I need to make my menus for next week and grocery shop in the a.m. so I can prepare a side dish for that afternoon's halloween party, which I truly am looking forward to... as long as I can sit a lot, haha. I would call Monday a day off, but really I need to finish up the tee shirts I am making as favors for C's party and probably bake a small cake for C's 'real' birthday. maybe I'll just get cupcakes. Oh, and I really should wrap his presents. Oh, and I at sometime in the intervening few days need to buy his tricycle/helmet that Mama & Daddy are giving him. Then Tuesday is his birthday. Wednesday is Halloween! I did already buy candy. Give me the strength to not eat all the Reece's cups. ;) Bun needs to wear her costume to school, and at 12:45 I need to get there for her parade and party. So much for Mr. Man's nap.

Paul is *so* taking the kids around for a few blocks of trick or treating while I hand out candy that evening. but, but, but, then I don't get to see C holding out his pumpkin bucket begging for candy! Or maybe hiding because he's not as adventurous as his big sister. I guess I can live with that, right? I will pass out candy at home, and Paul would love to see it all, anyway. He can carry C on his shoulders, it will be okay to miss it (this is me convincing myself to *not* do something here).

And then on Thursday? Rest! Unless something comes up. Oh, and Paul just told me to not overdo it tonight. Bwahaha. As if I have a choice. ;) I da mama!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I really don't need a new hobby/obsession.

Oct 23 2007, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

But I am being sucked into it, bit by bit. Bento appeals to my anal inner core, and I always used to love going to Miyake for lunch back when I was a working woman. All those neat little compartments, with stuff all perfectly tucked inside.

I have a depraved fascination with Japanese culture, as they have such a sense of order and yet also are completely, utterly insane at times (I used to collect--and use--Japanese kiddie stationery because it cracked me up how weird it was, but also how well thought out at the same time. My favorite set of stationery, which I still have a couple of sheets to, is one called "Animal Donut" with the words "This taste has warmed up our mind as well as our body." (Yay Engrish!) on the top of the sheets, and it's decorated with some odd hamster on a donut, and what look a lot like crullers which are shaped like animal heads. I never could figure: were the donuts made OF, FOR, or BY animals??

Anyway. I now seem to be morphing into a bento kiddie lunch maker. I bought all these Lock & Lock containers back at the beginning of the school year, but when they have all 4 inner compartments in them, as neat as they seem in theory, I never could figure how to use them for a lunch in toto and Bun is only 5; she eats with gusto, but it'd be overkill to give her 4 snacks and a sandwich. Then I saw an example of how someone removed two compartments and VOILA! perfect kiddie bento for the mom not wanting to buy much to start out.

Though, as addicting as playing with food is, I am sure I'll buy 'her' a couple for Christmas. ;)

Monday, October 15, 2007

My Little Award Winner

Bunny_Kinder, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

We found out today Bunny won 2nd place for a habitat preservation awareness diorama she built for class! Hers was about helping sharks, and I had to juggle her very full birthday party attending schedule so she can go get her award this coming Saturday. She's invited to a party at Blush (makeover place) with pizza at Round Table afterwards, but we're going to the wildlife preservation center at 10 and just making it to the pizza and cake part, which hopefully gives her a 2.5 hrs to go and show off her creation and get her major award. She's been to those makeover places a few times for parties anyway, and she's over it, plus then I don't have to scrub glitter out of her hair for the next week.

I'm very proud of her, and hope it's not a lamp shaped like a leg or anything. ;)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

No, Pat No! Don't Sit on That!

So Carter has been enjoying a little self exploration whenever he's afforded the chance. Quite normal, though his gravelly way of saying, "I touch," is a bit odd when I am changing his diapers. Whatever.

Anyway, Paul was changing him today and noticed he was a bit red, so we decided to let him 'air out' in the back yard for a while. Usually we let him be a shirtcocker (shirt and no pants -- Burning Man phrase that cracks me up to no end), but today he was au naturel, as we were thinking he'd want to put on his swim diaper and get in the hot tub if we got in. He was running around, arching his back, trying out the sensations of 'touching' everything he can. Again, whatever. Up to a metal chair, arch back, said "touch"... and so forth.

Until: He decides to try out a lavender plant. They are kind of prickly this time of the year, since they are planted in beds that are native plants and able to handle the 5-6 mos of dryness. Up to lavender plant, arch back, says "Owwwwww." All I could think of was that line from Hop on Pop. ;)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

And Many Moooore!

KRISTIANNA___BABY_ELEANOR_1_78, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

My sister is 30 today! Which makes me going on 35. Dang.

I feel like it's only been a short while since we were these little kids.

A well-balanced meal

It's taken me a couple of weeks to get around to sending this photo from my phone. This is my dessert from a playgroup family get together--berry pie with super sugary crust and a chocolate-chocolate macaroon sandwich cookie.

The baby kicked for about 3 hours after this little treat. Me? I was semi-comatose. ;)

Friday, October 05, 2007

Warning: This Boy WILL Feed You a Booger

100_4668, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Carter's newest way to torture mama: pick his nose (which has been full of 'nose picking gold' lately), and offer a booger to Mama. He likes to pick his nose, then hold a miniscule (or NOT) boogie up to my face ane then after saying "Booger!" a few times, say, "Wan Bite?"

His sister never did this.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Much Coveted Buggy

100_4773, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Carter was very happy to play with this decrepit broken stroller frame at the park today. It's Luke's and usually Luke is not wanting anyone else to use it. No matter which child plays with it, they look like a very small elderly man using a walker.

But it's a very beloved toy, nevertheless.

We get so hung up, worrying what will be the perfect present or addition to the brightly colored plastic arsenal of toys, that we forget they like what they like. And they likey the the buggy!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Holy MouthFire, Batman!

I love the palak paneer from Trader Joe's and last weekend picked up a package of punjab choley to mix it up as a lunch for me. Made some rice and this for lunch today and OMG my mouth is on FIRE.

And I like spicy food, too. I can't say I dislike this, but I am having to take 'breathing thru my open mouth' breaks to handle it, LOL.

Yes, random blog entry, but I am eating it right now as I mess around on the computer, and my nose is even running, LOL! They mean it when they say it's 'richly spiced'!

I'm off to put some sour cream in this.

On having an obstetrical appointment with a poodle on my chest.

So, I'm waiting in the exam room, having had my BP, doppler, and weight done by the nurse, when my OB opens the door, and is hunkered over, coaxing some little wiggly thing whose shadow I see before the actual dog.

It's doing that sideways nervous shimmy thing with a lot of tail wagging, which makes me think a puppy is on the way, but my OB said, "No, she's a full grown adult pregnant with two puppies in her!" The a teeny-tiny teacup toy poodle is suddenly on my chest, LOL! Nancy (my OB) asks me to be mindful she has claws, and then proceeds to measure my belly and check out my calf, as I am having varicose vein 'issues'. All with a dog that can't be more than 4 lbs with two puppies in her on my chest, haha!

She had to bring her dog in to keep her under watch, since she could go into labor anytime and needs to deliver the 2nd puppy within a certain amount of time after the first or she'll need an emergency c-section. Carter thought it was the best part of the day by far and was telling everyone about the dog (not that anyone knows 'ga' = dog in Carter-speak).

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Me so big

23 wk belly, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

This was at 23 weeks more or less. Only getting bigger! We're having another son! Two boys 2 years apart. I think I need a Tums just thinking about it.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monkey, monkey...

Okay, the title is supposed to be sung a la the 'funky, funky... bidee bidde BOP' line in Cantaloop by Flip Fantasia.

Carter's wee little #2 birthday party is on, with a Cheeky Monkey theme. The house will be Halloween central, because Mama is not giving up her annual excuse to put up the glittery pumpkin Bun made a couple of years back, and of course my black table cloth with the ghosts! Plus, it's a perfect opportunity to take off a week for cobweb dusting! It's not dirt -- it's atmosphere. ;)

However, the back yard will be a monkey theme. I'm taking the monkey party ideas from good Old Martha and going from there. Found bouncy balls at Target with a monkey in them, and I'm going to make tee shirts with a monkey on the front (hope Paul Frank doesn't hunt me down and sue me for daring to put a monkey on something)... it'll be my own sad sack design. I can lay various color of ovals over each other in MS Paint and print it onto iron-on transfer paper like a mofo. I have delusions of crocheting something monkey to wear, too. Maybe the hat I have been meaning to do for about a year now, but never could find the exact yarns for.

Since Carter's two whole 2 yr old guests also have big sisters Bun's age, I still need to figure out what to make/give them to not leave them out.

Ugh, must go and change a poopy diaper. Carter is going through a phase where he is a Poop Denier. So, I also must chase him down. Being a Dirty Diaper Denier is not as bad as a holocaust denier, but it still stinks. ;)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pizza Crustless Quiche. Mmmm!

Before in oven. Fresh from oven. Yum!

This is the second time I have made this and it's really quite good, especially for those who don't do crusts or doughs in their diets. The idea was Paul's; the recipe, mine.

Crustless Pizza Quiche
serves 4-6

  • 1 c shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 2 T pancetta cubes (Trader Joes sells them pre-diced and cheap!)
  • 5-6 basil leaves, cut in chiffonade
  • 1 T flour
  • 5 eggs
  • 1 c milk
  • 1 t Italian seasoning
  • pinch of red pepper flakes
  • 1/3 of a 5 oz package of thinly sliced pepperoni
  • 2 small tomatoes, sliced about 1/4" thick, and allowed to sit on paper towels to absorb some of the moisture for 10 mins or so
  • more mozzarella to top (maybe another 1/2 c?)
  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. In a bowl, toss basil, pancetta and cheese with flour, then place that mixture into bottom of nonstick skillet which has been sprayed with canola or olive oil spray.
  3. In same bowl (less to clean!) combine eggs with milk and herbs/spices and mix well.
  4. Pour that mixture slowly over the cheese mixture in the pan-don't dump fast or the cheese and whatnot might move around and not make every slice the same.
  5. Top with tomatoes, pepperoni, and a little more cheese.
  6. Place in oven and bake about 35-40 mins, or until a knife inserted in middle comes out clean and top is nicely browned. Allow to cool a few minutes, then slice into pizza/pie wedges.
We usually have this kind of meal with a salad, though it is technically nutritionally complete as is. Really good leftovers. I also like to put some parmesan on it, just like I would pizza.
Mange! :)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Trip to the Egyptian Museum

100_4747, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Bun's been wanting to go to this museum for months, and she had today off for school, so off we went. I only took a few photos from outside because of the no-flash rules inside, but it was as nice inside as out -- and the outside was very impressive. Bun's favorites were the mummies. Carter was fond of screeching and trying to touch things he should not (everything). We had fun, and I think we will return again.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Nerd Alert!

Gingerbread_Man_083007, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Bunny made this in school, and it's cute, no?

I had it up on the fridge for a few days, then decided to catch up on scanning and it wasn't until I looked at the cutout bit of cheekiness as a cautionary tale that I realized my daughter has put the details of the Eye of Ra on hers. Those highly stylized eyelashes? Eye of Ra. I smile proudly and also cringe inwardly for the time when she decides to suppress her nerdiness because, well, putting the Eye of Ra on your gingerbreadman is no where hear as cool as turning your own eyelids inside out or something stupid like that.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

News Flash: Boys Like Dirty, Yucky Things

100_4654, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

This is from the beach about 1.5 weeks ago, a last 'hurrah' for the playgroup before the older kids have to go to Kindergarten (gasp!) everyday. A great time was had by all, and Luke and Carter found a TREASURE. Yes, a partially burnt piece of wood from someone's fire the night before was quite the find. Luke found it; Carter coveted it. Both became filthy from soot. Heidi and I looked on with disgusted faces, but, meh... we let 'em play with it anyway, cuz... um... it was easier than not letting them play with it. ;)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Tomatoes Worry Me

The Tomatoes Worry Me, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

This is 3 tomato plants. They're bearing ripe fruit, and growing what appears to be a foot every other day. At the rate of 8-12 ripe tomatoes daily, we should be buried in a week or two.

I need to get a'freezing! On the good side, the romas are awesome in soups and sauces. One big batch of bolognese was gobbled down, and another dozen roma went into a soup for Paul-Food yesterday. The beefsteak are being eaten at almost a rate of parity, keeping in mind the biggest yields are looming in a week or two.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

He loves Jay Jay <---this---> much.

Carter is obsessed with Jay Jay the Jet Plane. Big time. Thank goodness for on demand programming, because I don't know when it's on 'for real'. Though he does not get his way all the time, he *does* ask for Jay Jay about 10 times a day. In reality, he gets to see it in the morning when he wakes before Mama has had her coffee, or when Bunny and Daddy are in the pool and he's 'not allowed' because it's Bunny-Daddy-ONLY time (which royally POs Carter, who loves to be in on anytime Paul's in the pool).

Last night Carter was having some intense dreams at about 4 a.m. and kept fussing awake, crying. I pulled him into our bed and was holding him to help him go fully back to sleep. As he drifted off, he said over and over, "I yuv (love) Jay Jay," kind of how Dorothy muttered about no place being like home in The Wizard of Oz. The kid really loves that plane.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Deer Drawing

DeerWaterfall_082007, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Figured while I'm still up may as well scan.

Don't laugh too hard -- she was actually watching Bob Ross on PBS when she did this, but *gasp* used NO titanium white. She's a big fan of Bob Ross now. Meh, I'll enjoy that on the TV more than I'll ever enjoy Caillou.

My favorite recent thing Bun's done

Watercolor_Flower_Bugs, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

She drew with crayon, then used water colors. I have to scan one of deer by a waterfall which I also like, but this one is just so happy it makes me smile.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The thing about cravings

You gotta satisfy, because they burrow in deep. For some reason, this is why tuna casserole *had* to made yesterday. I've made it exactly once before, since it's not really the kind of food I make much. But the thought of tuna casserole was like a siren song to me for days. So I made it. And loved it!

Now I just want to chuck out the leftovers. What was I thinking? I guess I wanted protein?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

One of those moments.

fairyland 016, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

So we went to Fairyland the other day with a few other friends from playgroup. It was okay, but Bunny and I agreed, all things equal, that we like Happy Hollow better.

I took dozens of photos, but this is one of my favorites. It's not the typical happy child at an amusement park photo; quite the opposite. In this, Carter's obviously unhappy. But why?

Well, it's one of those typical, hard toddler moments. Moments before Carter was on the ferris wheel with Bunny. For about 10 seconds. He climbed in, and sat down, then the person operating the ride closed and locked the door. No mamas allowed b/c there is a height restriction of about 4 feet. Carter immediately began to cry, and they opened the door right away to let him off.

But Carter didn't want to get off the ride. He wanted, I suppose, to sit on my lap. He probably didn't understand at all why Mama wasn't getting in. I finally had to pick him up and 'help' him off the ride so that it wasn't held up any longer than it already had been.

Which is when I took this photo. Carter is experiencing that frustrating desire to do what he's just not ready to do. Bunny, at the same age, would have had the same inability to go on the ride alone (and she did--we had a few rides at the boardwalk have to be stopped as soon as she started to move)... but she got mad. Carter appears to be feeling the loss as he watches Bunny go up and enjoy her ride. He so badly wants to be a big boy, but he's still got a lot of baby in him.

So, for those reasons, for the way it touches the heart of a mama, this is one of my favorite photos from that day.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm in trouble with this kid.

So today I went in for my 16 wk appt. The nurse tried and tried (and tried!) to get the heartbeat with the doppler, but never could get it. I joked I would feel a little anxious, except I felt like there was a trout flipping around in my belly th ebaby was moving so much to get out of the way of the doppler. They did get the 'echo' of the HB at a nice 152, but never the thunky-whooshy noise you learn to listen for by your 3rd pregnancy.

This kid is already giving us grownups a hard time, I tell you.

Other than that, I'm doing well, and have gained 7 lbs (all that ice cream last week paid off, LOL). I had my blood drawn for the AFP test. Hmmm, that's about it.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Okay, I must make this.

There is no 'recipe', unless you consider cutting a melon in half (the kind of melon with a cavity), and putting jello into it to set, then slicing into wedges.

But damn it looks goo-ood. I'm thinking cantaloupe (I don't enjoy honeydow), and some red jello. Or that new melon mix jello! But maybe that's not a contrasting enough flavor.

Anyway, I have to schlep over to Safeway today, so I think melon and jello is on the list. After I check to see what jello I have stashed away already from my jello egg making frenzy this spring.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I wonder...

...if my sore throat is related to the fogging for mosquitoes they did last night. It was supposedly an insecticide derived from chrysanthemums--sounds harmless, right? Flowers!! But it kills the skeeter, so maybe... Or maybe I'm jsut getting sick again. Bah. Boo.

Oh well, at least Big Brother's on tonight. I like that show too much. ;) I hope Kail goes home just out of principle that we viewers all know she's a liar and that she did lie to Dick.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When it rains, it gushes (onto the floor).

Ran a bajillion errands today, varying from returning some camping gear to friends, to the post office (always fun with two cranky, tired kids in tow, as I did that one near the end of 4 hrs out), to exchanging some sunglasses DH didn't notice were scratched when he bought them, to picking up our co-op veggies, to buying 4 gallons of milk (we drink a lot of milk), and the list went on...

All was fine, we were back home and I was finally going to be able to rest, as DH was home and said he'd put C on his back in the Ergo. But while I was getting the last of the stuff from the co-op on the counter, Carter climbed up somehow and pulled a gallon of milk onto the floor. And wouldn't you know it, the circular indentation the container had on each side *popped* on both sides. Instant gallon of milk gushed out, mostly onto the kitchen floor, but a goos quart or so flowed onto the carpet before I could do anything.

Yay! About 6 bath towels and 30 mins with the steam cleaner later, and I'm now sitting to finally veg out.

Oh, and wouldn't it figure I'd already mopped the kitchen floor this morning because Carter helped his sister by taking her juice glass to the kitchen and throwing it over the gate so it shattered?? I guess the silver lining is that I'd vacuumed that place on the carpet where the milk poured, so it was ready to be steam cleaned.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bunny's New Canvas

100_4323, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

So yesterday Bun decides Carter is some exotic king, which was convenient, since she wanted to cover him with wet chalk. Both seemed to enjoy it, and as it dried, it did remind me a lot of the chalky appearance of some native peoples you see roaming the jungles in Africa or SE Asia. A quick dip in the pool removed all war paint, though.

Surprisingly (not) Bunny didn't get much on *herself*.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Aw yeah.... West Nile in da Hood.

So the birds that were found lst week with WNV led to mosquitoes being found with WNV. Now they're fogging after 11 p.m. next Wednesday. And the choices of Off! and the like re somewhat limited at Target.

But I'm spraying my legs and arms before bed until further notice. And the kids're wearing hazmat suits to bed.

Long Overdue Update

Been a while!

Hmmm. Bun's about to start Kindergarten in 6 weeks, much to her dismay.
Carter's busy. BUSY. And finally talking more. And, did I mention busy?
Oh, and we have another baby on the way, due in Jan.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Out of the mouths of babes.

This morning Bun was sitting practicing writing the alphabet, singing the song to help herself. She said, "Hey Mom, what's a 'ameno'?" Huh? I ask her to ask again, and oh, of course... LMNOP = L-Ameno-P to her. Reminded me of how I thought it was "Lemon-O-P" when I was her same age.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Boys and Girls are Different

I just killed a spider. I know... I don't like to kill them, but we get bitey ones and if you invade my home, well, you may not live to tell the tale.

Anyway, Carter was DELIGHTED by my smacking the poor arachnid. Giggled with glee, tried to hit its smushed body and squealed when I flicked it away.

Bunny would have just run and hid from the spider.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Squibble Squabbles

Bunny: No Carter, that's mine!
Carter: Cadah! (point at chest)
Bunny: No! (grabs toy, pushes brother away)
Carter: Wan dat! Mo!

So forth until one or both are running to me screaming about the injustices of life.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I hit the trifecta!

Carter is teething, growing AND has a cold. Yippee! The kids have swollen glands, and I do, too. Tomorrow we may get to go get cultures. Another YIPPEE! (Bah.)

They are in relatively good spirits today, so I am not worried really. Mostly I just want to avoid a re-do of last night; Carter woke at 3:30 and stayed up until 5:30.

Me so tired.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


It's simply impossible that I am going to pick up the Kindergarten registration packet for my baby girl today. She was just learning to walk a day or so ago for goodness sakes.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Future plans

More thinking about the future for Bunny.

She loves ancient Egypt and last night we watched a rerun of the Nova episode about how Rameses I was in a tacky museum in Niagara Falls without anyone realizing it for about 100 years.

Bunny plans to be an egyptologist now. But she only wants to examine the mummies OUTSIDE the 'cargophagus' because when they are inside them it makes her 'feel all squiggly like spiders'. The mummy itself doesn't skeeve her out--the mummy IN a coffin does. I told her I am sure she could work around that. And that we would go to a museum and see real mummies sometime.

Boy do I not like being around mummies. The humanity of them gets me and has since I was 9. Though I far prefer mummies to those godawful 'art' exhibits that involve laquered corpses or thinly cut cross sections of people. *shudder*

Saturday, January 06, 2007

More future plans

Bunny has been thinking about the future. She's going to come home every night for dinner even when she's a mommy because she can't use the stove and it's dangerous.

Also, we're both going to be lifeguards together. So we can hang out, but also so if a large man needs saving I can help her.

I don't know where she gets this stuff. :)

Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's a matter of perspective

Bunny, Carter and I walk to her school most days unless I have to run an errand with the car, and I usually push them in the BOB. Recently we were walking and Bunny told me she knew how to get to school and would tell me the directions.

Now, it's literally three turns to school, including our street. So I said, sure, tell me what to do.

First she tells me to turn right at the end of our street, which is right. Then she says you turn at the 'star house'. What?? Star house?

I'll be damned. While it is not a place you actually turn, she is right, I always cross the street to be going against traffic on the adjacent street, and the house by where I cross has a blue star on it. I'd never noticed!


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