Thursday, December 13, 2007

An Inconvenient Possibility

2007SantaPhoto, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Sometimes it's easy to forget the girlchild in this photo above (cute Santa photo, no?) is only 5. And a half, she'd have me say, of course, since that 'a half' is a big half.

Bunny has such an advanced vocabulary that you forget it's still very 5 yr old sensibilities inside, no matter how well spoken she is.

For example: I'm talking to my dad today and he jokes about how would we deal if I were to go into labor on the 24th or 25th. The 25th would be better, since it'd probably mean even if I were uncomfy, I'd be able to see Christmas morning, whereas the 24th would make me miss that, and as much as having a baby would be the perfect salve for such a thing, I'd still be very bummed to not see their eyes, hear them on that morning--ya know.

Then my dad tells me that he talked with Bunny about what she thought about if that were to happen. She said, "That would be very inconvenient for me and I would not like it at all." Then she went on about the general worries a child has about how the man in red can find a child who's not at home on Christmas morning.

All sounds so rational, and like she'd be better at dealing than me in the end were that to happen! But at the same time, Bun has been spending a WHOLE lot of time observing the different chimneys in our neighborhood, marvelling at how Santa can fit down them, once she realized the 'circle part' (flue) is really the part that is the chimney itself and the bricks are not how wide a chimney actually is. She also noticed a lot of people have covers (spark arrestors) on top. How then does Santa get down?? Magic, I say, over and over (and over). Note to self: thank Norbert for that tip: Magic is the answer to all Santa questions. It works.

So, she's not growing up too fast after all. She just talks a good talk.

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