Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Vintage Halloween Postcard, originally uploaded by riptheskull.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Three Years


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is funny. I have visited me. ;)

free counters

I just found this, and think it's funny when I put in the code, I get that *I* am my only visitor. I suppose it will change as at least a couple of people look at it over the course of the day? We'll see. At least I love me. LOL!

Daring Bakers, Oct 2008: The Sabotaged One

Long story short: this month's challenge was tossed pizza. It could be topped any old way one pleased. We had pizza here last weekend, and it was a lot of fun, setting up a whole toppings bar and allowing Bun and her friend to choose whatsoever their heart desired and the crust was really pretty good! Carter even made on really effed up looking 'za that he refused to eat--I chalked it up as a craft on his part and let him have some plain cheese I made 'just in case'. You can imagine it all in your head, right? The day before, making dough, and allowing it to rest for a day, then day two, rising and working, and deciding I suck at tossing dough, but rock at working it in the air on my knuckles? Close your eyes and imagine...

Long story a little better explained. No photos. Bad son.

"Lookit Mama! I taking pictures! I strong."
He erasing camera's memory.
If I'd had my camera in my hand, you could see how very, very proud of himself he was. He always says he's strong when he's up to no good.

Thankfully it was only one day's worth of photos, and maybe some park stuff. We'll live to make pizza another day here. I had thought maybe I'd make a second batch to take photos again, but with inlaws arriving and my son's birthday looming, I think the only pizza we'll be having anytime soon will be made by someone else and come in a box. *sigh*

For a listing of people who have far better documentation of their efforts, check out

The Daring Bakers' Blogroll

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Must be nearly Halloween

This past weekend we went to the 'big' pumpkin patch about 20 minutes from home. Usually we go midday, but this time it was nearly sundown by the time we arrived and it was a nice change of pace.

After some obligatory running around on straw, we headed out for a hayride.

Some pumpkins left to go to seed for next year's crop.

Sunflowers at sunset.

Probably more marigolds than I have ever seen in my life. This is just a small portion of the field. Carter noticed the smell, which was not unpleasant, but definitely different.

I think I took this one myself?

Paul took this one of me and my big baby, who's 9.5 months old already.

One last cow train ride before heading home.

Well, maybe after a little more running around. :)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Cole's makeshift pacifier.

When my boys sleep, they SLEEP. Cole really wanted to suck on the cracker and sleep, and I was busy feeding the other kids, so I didn't realize what was going on until he was nodding off. Silly baby.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not much of an amateur dentist

who pulls your teeth?, originally uploaded by fleaflyflofun!.

Bunny wants me to yank out her loose tooth. And she also doesn't. At least not if she's going to feel it. And I don't much want to hurt her. Ugh, it's like the Wimpy and Wussy show here. I tried to get her to numb her mouth and then yank, but as soon as I move that tooth to *sooo* close to giving up the ghost of a root, she screams for me to stop. And I do. Maybe later we'll do it. Maybe not. maybe Bunny will be 25, with that same baby tooth dangling in her head, living on yogurt and oatmeal because she can't bite things. Maybe not.

Friday, October 24, 2008

What big boys do

We're still in the process of potty training here. Carter is getting it more at home, but I have not even contemplated going out in public without a pull up. Still a way to go, really.

However, since I often tell him, "Big boys go on the potty," and tell him examples of other big boys he knows who use the potty, Carter has started to tell me other things big boys do.

"Big boys _____," has become essentially Carter's way of rationalizing anything he wants to be true or to do/not do.

Big boys don't take showers. Big boys take baths.
Big boys like peanut butter crackers.
Big boys can use knives. (OH NO THEY CAN NOT!)
Big boys watch Star Wars.
Big boys wear backpacks. Big boys put tools in their backpacks.
Big boys don't need a sweater right now because it's sunny out.
Big boys like chocolate. Big girls eat pink ice cream.

You get the idea. It's fun to hear some of his preposterous facts.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall is finally falling.

Well, Bay Area style, at least. It's still in the mid 80s during the day, but the nights and mornings are nippy and I've been digging out the sweaters and snugly clothes. It's full on dark by 6:30 or so, and it will be a shock to our senses when daylight savings ends weekend after this one. I am glad it's pushed back until after Halloween, though I kind of hope that doesn't mean people just go trick or treating later.

With it being a Friday and my inlaws in town, I assume we'll all be up too late anyway, but I like to turn of the front light and be finished with handing out candy by 8--or whenever it's only pathetically dressed high schoolers begging for free candy. Call me a fuddy duddy, but I do not enjoy seeing lameass 'I'm sleeping in' "costumes" that consist of them in their pajamas. You want candy from me, dress up and beg, suckah!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Conversation With Bunny

Yesterday Bunny was sitting at the counter while I prepared dinner, and we were just shooting the breeze. Carter was watching Blue's Clues and the conversation turned to that show. She asked if I remembered the episode where it was Steve's Clues, and Blue 'sang' the songs, yada yada blah blah. Then she asked why they don't make any new ones with Steve. I reminded her that Steve went off to college and his brother, Joe, is the one who takes care of his puppy now. Joe, by the way is my personal favorite, and that is in no way related to the fact that he looks almost exactly like my husband at about age 20--though it does make me laugh to see Paul do a double take whenever Joe is on TV... okay, maybe I like Joe a little because he looks like my hubby. :)

Doppleganger, I tell you.

Anyway, Bunny then asked me if I thought Steve really went to college. I said I didn't think so, that he probably just felt he'd been on the show long enough, reminding her that Steve is not really the guy on the show, but playing a role... pretending. She then wondered why he wanted to leave. Before I could say anything, she answered for herself: "He probably wanted to be more successful in dating."

I practically did a spit take on that one, as I was in the process of enjoying my daily soda at the time! She then went on to say he probably couldn't get any dates dancing around pretending to find clues all the time. That kid kills me.

For the record, a Google search indicates Steve Burns left Blue's Clues after 7 years because he wanted to pursue an 'indy music career' and also he didn't want to be playing that role while losing his hair, which was happening fast. :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Menu Monday, Oct 21

I am in utter amazement it's already the 20th. How did this happen? That means in 10 days #1 Son will be THREE. Ack. Anyway...

Sunday: Crispy Yogurt Chicken, roasted acorn squash, salad
Monday: Undone Cabbage Roll Skillet
Tuesday: Chef Salad
Wednesday: Sausages & Peppers w/Homemade Tomato Sauce
Thursday: Parmesan Chicken w/ Spinach Fritters
Friday: Taco Salad or Burritos (make yer own)
Saturday: at a friend's bday party and C.O.R.N. if still hungry
(clean out refrigerator night)

Sweet reward

After walking 7 miles in the walkathon!  Bunny tallied more than 25,000 steps on Saturday.  Gave my step counter a workout!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


This morning I made some bacon and eggs to get 'em going for the Walk-a-thon later. Carter loooves bacon, possibly more than life itself. I gave both of them 3 pieces, and then Carter got an additional 2 pieces (FYI, a piece = half a piece, since I cut the slab in half before cooking).

Carter (who has 2 pieces on his plate): Please share bacon Bunny?
Bunny ignores him.
C: Please say yes!
B: silence
C: Share! Say yes, Bunny!

Finally B switches pieces with C and all is well.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Erm, yeah, that would be my son.

100_1966, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

As you can somewhat make out here, Carter spent a long time segregating his legos into each color, and lined them all up accordingly. I had a blast 'playing' with him, handing him a new piece, asking, "Where does this go?" Then C would say something like, "With the red friends." Those are the times when Paul looks at me with that knowing look and says he's 'my' son. ;)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yay, another bad idea!

Are you tired of your children eating their food? Do you wish you could find new and exciting ways to create cleaning opportunities in your home?

Well fear not, now there is the Catapult Spoon. This baby is spring loaded to ensure dinner time is F-U-N again! Who wouldn't enjoy ducking for cover during the witching hour? For only $9 per spoon (plus shipping!!!), you'll be the coolest mom ever, and the kids will squeal with delight as they launch peas, mashed potatoes, you NAME it! Whee!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Along came a spider

100_1946, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

...and my baby ate it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Menu, 10-13-08

Here's what's cooking chez moi this week.

Sunday: ate out
Monday: Chicken Slaw
Tuesday: Sausages & Peppers
Wednesday: Bolognese Sauce
Thursday: Chef Salad
Friday: Roast Chicken w/Acorn Squash
Plus, make sure have dessert for bake sale made and packaged for Saturday a.m.
Saturday: Taco Salad or Burritos--make yer own, homemade refried beans, rice

Sunday, October 12, 2008

There is something to be said... favor of having playmates on the street. Ex: Bunny is 3 doors down playing with some kids. Carter is at the park with Grandpa. Cole is in my lap, and by far the easiest of the three to deal with on a pretty quiet Sunday afternoon. To think there was a time I thought only having a 9 month old at home was a lot! Of course it was Bunny, and she has always been a full helping of gusto, so it *was* a lot when it was her. :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Must be fall...

pomagranite...yum, yum, originally uploaded by ~mccall~.

Yesterday we had out annual pumpkin decorating 'fete' at Christi's and much fun was had by all. The kids made their pumpkins beyoootiful, and the moms had Voodoo Daquiris and some fantastic 7 layer dip and other yummy snacks.

But the part my Carter wouldnotcouldnot do without was the pomegranate. The Colemans don't have a tree in their yard, but there is a neighbor behind them who is elderly and lives in a home. So his very mature fruit trees go without anyone to love them. Last year we must've eaten 2 dozen fruits off that thing, and Carter remembered it. We could tell by the color that they need another week or two to be really ready to pick, but Carter wanted one so badly that we did get that ONE to bring home. And all three kids gobbled it down as a predinner snack. Even the baby loved it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Eleanor!

Birthday Card, originally uploaded by Zero Discipline.

My widdle baby sister is 31 today!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Dear Bunny,

You're now a great big six and a half year-old first grader. I realized I never got around to writing your birthday letter last spring, so here you go, my big girl.

You're still not the kid to jump to embrace changes, but you have done well transitioning first to Kindergarten and now to 'big kid' first grade. Much better than I feared, from your tearful pleas to have me always keep you with me. You were happy that way, yes, but it was time to grow. Growth and change are hard, but you can do it.

This past year was the first one where you have had to deal with a good friend moving away. I remember when I was 6 and a friend moved away. It was hard, and I had only been playing with this one girl for a year or two max. Yet more changes.

You've also gotten to experience some changes that add to your life. Your baby brother Cole joined the family. Your Grandpa Russell moved nearby. You've made a few friends on our street, and have one thing that this farm girl never got to experience -- random visits from friends who come by just to play for a little while, and doing the same to your friends' at their homes.

You were a loving big sister to Carter when he was a baby, but a couple more years and the prior experience have benefited you greatly. You're such a big help to me, and also very loving to Cole. I can tell you this: given the choice between you sitting next to him and keeping Cole happy in the car and *not*, I choose peaceful car ride every time. :) You're right to be proud of how happy you make him with your antics.

You've had to learn to do some things for yourself that are age appropriate, and that has been something you have not liked -- you preferred it when I never said to go ahead and find yourself a snack, I know. However, you also get to help in the kitchen with dinner and other foods sometimes, so it's not all bad now, is it?

You're a tough kid, too. You went through more rigorous physical training this summer with Little Guards than some people ever do in their whole lives, much less s 6 year-olds. And you were on the team that won the Rambo Relay for the county! Seriously, that is one hard course, and you were selected as the girl anchor on a team that was kind of obviously weighted with the more physically capable kids from your squad. I know you wear your tee from the summer to school with pride, and again, you're right to be proud of yourself.

Some things come so easily to you. Others, not so much. Just like every other human on earth, you have your areas where you'll always need to try your best, and sometimes even that will not be enough to satisfy your own high expectations.

You become so angry when life does not live up to your expectations. Controlling your temper will probably be something you always need to work on, even when you do not *show* it. It's easy to point at ADD as the cause, since people with ADD *do* in fact tend to anger quickly. However, you've got temper on both sides in spades, you poor dear! You had tantrums inside me, I know that. I also know I was a pain in the butt as a small child. If nothing else, you come by it all honestly. Maybe I will try to teach you how to meditate someday. It helps.

You can be amazingly focused on things that interest you. Your thirst to know more-more-more is wonderful when we can satisfy it. A lot of kids your age don't want to go to a museum, and certainly don't want to look at everything in it. You become upset when we can't stay as long as you'd like. I try to supplement your education with extras in the areas that are simply not commonly taught in this age of SOL test frenzy on the part of harried educators who have to please everyone at once (and in doing so assure no one is satisfied, themselves included). Sometimes I forget not all kids your age know about the French Revolution and don't get my joke about the Barbie whose head comes off really easily being Guillotine Barbie even a little bit.

Being one of three kids is kind of like living the communist ideal of 'to each according to their needs, from each according to their abilities'. I wish I could spend as much one on one time with you as you clearly crave. I wish we could snuggle just you and me each evening (I also wish that for your brothers--there needs to be more mes running around sharing a brain so that I could still have all the memories in one place). However, while you don't get everything you want, you do get what you need. I spend time with you reading and doing homework. We talk and talk about whatever pops into your head. A lot of the places I take the three of you guys are more for you than them. I try to help you along the way with things you simply can not handle -- like putting away your (grumble grumble) crayons and pencils nearly every day so that you can find them because I do know you simply can NOT keep them tidy any more than your father could, or any more than we could expect Carter to not be anal like me. Someday hopefully he'll put away your pencils, haha. ;)

You are loved for you and who you are. And not just by those of us who have to love you -- I am told all the time by adults whose opinions I respect that you're a good kid.

A Little Late to the Party, but hey...

It's Blogtoberfest! So, I'm a week late, more or less, but I will attempt to post daily from here on out. :)

Hosted by

11 Details About Me

There is a little meme going 'round... this one is quick and so, since I likey quick and easy, here ya go!
  1. Clothes shop – the past few years? Old Navy, since I don't care if snot gets on it. ;)
  2. Furniture shop – Garage Sales, Ikea
  3. Sweet – chocolate-chocolate cake, Reece's anything
  4. City – not the biggest fan of cities, actually! But I'll be loyal and say SF
  5. Drink – gin & tonic, Fat Tire Ale, diet Coke
  6. Music – impossible to list. Easier to say I have a no Goo Goo Dolls rule that is SOLID.
  7. TV Series – Lost, Project Runway, Big Brother, Dexter, Survivor
  8. Film – Gone with the Wind, The Empire Strikes Back, Dances with Wolves, Better Off Dead
  9. Workout – Hiking, Yoga, Kettlebells
  10. Pastries – are krullers pastry?
  11. Coffee – with half and half and 1 Splenda; I like it old school best
Okay, now your turn. ;)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It's All in the Details

I learned something this morning. Carter took off his footie pajamas and when I told him he needed *some* clothes because it's chilly, I asked him if he wanted to wear pajamas or pants and shirt. He told me, 'jammas'. I grab a new set of the footed kind, and he tells me they are "not jammas!" I ask him to show me what he wants and he grabs a pair of two-piece PAJAMAS.


I said, "Aren't these (the footed ones) pajamas?"
"No, those PJs!"

Ah, gotcha. PJs and pajamas are not the same thing. Carry on.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Menu Monday, Oct 6

Happy Monday! I am trying to fake a lot of energy and being ready to hit the ground running this week. Saturday was 'bleh', cloudy and cooped, up, and yesterday the baby woke me at 3:50 a.m., so I am fueled by caffeine and probably slightly crazy from the sleep deprivation. Basically, I am trying to remember to not start any kooky projects that sound good, because I think I have about as much sense as I do the day before my period starts--which would mean basically none.

Thankfully I took the time to plan my menu yesterday and hauled my sorry butt to the store to prepare, since skipping that never makes anything easier. Even though it was tempting...
We're (we being me and the mouse in my pocket) trying some new things this week, along with some favorites my family requested.

Sunday: eat out!
Monday: Pork Loin Chops w/Spinach Fritters & Carrot Salad
Tuesday: Mini Cheesy Meatballs w/ simple tomato sauce over spag squash
Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan, Salad, Acorn Squash
Thursday: Undone Cabbage Roll Skillet w/rice
Friday: Ham, Cheese, Broccoli Quiche
Saturday: BBQ Chicken, Corn on cob, something else, haha

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Having a John McEnroe Moment

P.B. Slices, originally uploaded by misterbisson.

You have GOT to be kidding me!

For the truly kitchen impaired we have a new product.

I am not even kidding.
How gross is this, anyway?

The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!

Don't look now, but there is.... wet stuff coming right out of the sky. I believe it's water!

Yes, for the first time in months and months and MONTHS, we are getting sprinkles. I'm sure it won't amount to much, but hey, at least I can maybe skip watering the plants for a couple of days. I really don't like being cooped up when it's rainy, but I do hope we get enough this winter.


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