Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How? How? HOW???

Oh Bunny. You're almost FOUR. FOOOOOUR! How?

Now that you're a four year old, you're (as far as you're concerned) a BIG KID. You get to choose your own outfits (usually). You try to help out in the kitchen--you're a great stirrer, washer of fruits and veggies, and the odd egg you've come up against was smashed to smithereens.

You're a tumbling, whirling, swimming, nonstop random motion generator. As you always were. You gather NO moss. If you're not constantly occupied, you find interesting ways to amuse yourself, like the interesting concoction you made with sour cream, jelly, apple sauce, yogurt, and about 25 packets of Splenda. Maaan, was that bad tasting. Yes, I did try it. And lived to tell the tale.

Yet then there are the hours you can spend drawing. Give you a box of crayolas and a stack of construction paper and you're absorbed for a surprisingly long time. Like any tempermental 'artiste', you do become fixated on a subject and sometimes I feel like I need to buy paper by the truckload to keep enough on hand, as you'll draw a line or two, decide you don't like the way it's going to turn out and toss the paper aside--again and again.

You're also a very sweet and kind girl. You are sneaky and rotten at times around the house, to be sure, but all in all, you're a very kind and generous little thing. You have been trying to give Sarah all your used clothes because she is smaller than you and you can't use them. You help Jacob when he is feeling cranky. You play with everyone and make friends when we're at the park on a non-playgroup day.

When you grow up, you say you will be first a ballerina, then a model, then a ballet teacher. Jayla from America's Next Top Model is your favorite, and you cried when she was eliminated--you still cry about how you miss her. It's really cute. You like to dress up as fancy as you know how and I will be the photographer for the fashion shoot.

As far as big sisters go, Carter's very lucky to have you for one. You make him laugh and laugh. When Mama's too busy running hither and thither, trying her best to keep up with everything, you really are a help. I love how you will hold Carter's hand when he fusses in the car.

You tell LOUSY jokes. I remember when Grandpa Alan told me, at about your age, that my jokes were not funny. At the time I didn't get it at ALL. Well, now I see. You think everything is a knock knock joke and that everything is funny.

  • Knock knock!
  • Who's there?
  • How do you know an elephant's been in the fridge?
  • Um... how?
  • No, you need to say, 'Elephant in the fridge who?!?'
  • Oh, okay. Elephant in the fridge who?
  • Footprints in the butter! (dissolving into giggles)
In the next year, you're going to be so much more worldly. You'll probably not like playing with boys as much. You may be a bit more, um, shall we say, 'catty'? Maybe you'll be able to ride a pony...and a bike. Santa and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy will still be key players in your universe though. You're not going to grow up all that fast, okay?

You're not allowed! And you still need to let me snuggle you a lot, okay?


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