Friday, July 27, 2007

Okay, I must make this.

There is no 'recipe', unless you consider cutting a melon in half (the kind of melon with a cavity), and putting jello into it to set, then slicing into wedges.

But damn it looks goo-ood. I'm thinking cantaloupe (I don't enjoy honeydow), and some red jello. Or that new melon mix jello! But maybe that's not a contrasting enough flavor.

Anyway, I have to schlep over to Safeway today, so I think melon and jello is on the list. After I check to see what jello I have stashed away already from my jello egg making frenzy this spring.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I wonder...

...if my sore throat is related to the fogging for mosquitoes they did last night. It was supposedly an insecticide derived from chrysanthemums--sounds harmless, right? Flowers!! But it kills the skeeter, so maybe... Or maybe I'm jsut getting sick again. Bah. Boo.

Oh well, at least Big Brother's on tonight. I like that show too much. ;) I hope Kail goes home just out of principle that we viewers all know she's a liar and that she did lie to Dick.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

When it rains, it gushes (onto the floor).

Ran a bajillion errands today, varying from returning some camping gear to friends, to the post office (always fun with two cranky, tired kids in tow, as I did that one near the end of 4 hrs out), to exchanging some sunglasses DH didn't notice were scratched when he bought them, to picking up our co-op veggies, to buying 4 gallons of milk (we drink a lot of milk), and the list went on...

All was fine, we were back home and I was finally going to be able to rest, as DH was home and said he'd put C on his back in the Ergo. But while I was getting the last of the stuff from the co-op on the counter, Carter climbed up somehow and pulled a gallon of milk onto the floor. And wouldn't you know it, the circular indentation the container had on each side *popped* on both sides. Instant gallon of milk gushed out, mostly onto the kitchen floor, but a goos quart or so flowed onto the carpet before I could do anything.

Yay! About 6 bath towels and 30 mins with the steam cleaner later, and I'm now sitting to finally veg out.

Oh, and wouldn't it figure I'd already mopped the kitchen floor this morning because Carter helped his sister by taking her juice glass to the kitchen and throwing it over the gate so it shattered?? I guess the silver lining is that I'd vacuumed that place on the carpet where the milk poured, so it was ready to be steam cleaned.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bunny's New Canvas

100_4323, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

So yesterday Bun decides Carter is some exotic king, which was convenient, since she wanted to cover him with wet chalk. Both seemed to enjoy it, and as it dried, it did remind me a lot of the chalky appearance of some native peoples you see roaming the jungles in Africa or SE Asia. A quick dip in the pool removed all war paint, though.

Surprisingly (not) Bunny didn't get much on *herself*.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Aw yeah.... West Nile in da Hood.

So the birds that were found lst week with WNV led to mosquitoes being found with WNV. Now they're fogging after 11 p.m. next Wednesday. And the choices of Off! and the like re somewhat limited at Target.

But I'm spraying my legs and arms before bed until further notice. And the kids're wearing hazmat suits to bed.

Long Overdue Update

Been a while!

Hmmm. Bun's about to start Kindergarten in 6 weeks, much to her dismay.
Carter's busy. BUSY. And finally talking more. And, did I mention busy?
Oh, and we have another baby on the way, due in Jan.


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