Sunday, November 02, 2014


Fall has been slow to come this year. We might have our first frost tonight, but a return to mild temperatures is forecast for the week ahead. We used the summery weather to our advantage last weekend when our family made an after-rush-hour dash to the Outer Banks. We checked in very late, and awoke to sunrise over the Atlantic. (One benefit of a really late season trip is sunrise is after 7, ha ha!)

rodantheoct2014 001

At this point in time we’re really happy to be cabin campers. For our family’s needs, it really is the best to have plenty of room to sleep with privacy, a kitchen, room to relax… the deluxe cabins are often about the price of a comparable hotel room suite but with more to offer immediately outside the room.

We chose to try out the KOA in Rodanthe because it appeared to have a lot to offer as far as accommodations, fun stuff for the kids, and their own beach access. We’ve done a lot of ‘city beach’ time, and played on natural California beaches, but this was to be our first east coast natural seashore time.

rodantheoct2014 003

Cole was up really early Saturday morning, but I was able to buy an extra hour of zzzs by hooking him up with some cartoons—another reason I’m fine with us ‘really not’ camping for now. This deck was a great place at both ends of the day, and we had dinner outside.

Once I’d put enough caffeine into my system, Cole and I explored while everyone else slept a bit longer. He loved the opportunity to get one on one time with me, and so did I.

rodantheoct2014 009

rodantheoct2014 011

The pirate-themed playground is a fun touch. It’s great that it’s not too babyish. Later Cole had no trouble luring Carter out to play—quite often.

rodantheoct2014 020

Cole and I also walked to the sound side to check out a little fishing pier.

Shortly after, all the kids were out on the bounce pad and playground.

rodantheoct2014 043

rodantheoct2014 047

rodantheoct2014 068

rodantheoct2014 060

After a while it was time to head to the beach, just a couple minutes walk from the cabin.

Paul and Cole were in the water the most this time. The water temp was about 66, not so bad for late October.

rodantheoct2014 108

rodantheoct2014 092

rodantheoct2014 099

After a few hours on the beach the kids wanted to try out the water slides. It was fun to be able to switch gears so quickly, without hassle.

rodantheoct2014 124

rodantheoct2014 135 

rodantheoct2014 138

…eventually it was time to bathe and get ready for what promised to be a spectacular sunset…
…to be continued…


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