Thursday, November 29, 2007

Parent-Teacher Conference Time...

It was Tuesday morning, but I am just getting to sitting down and hopefully writing all about it (Carter is napping, so some of this depends on him cooperating by staying unconscious!).

Mrs. Cline started off by saying she hoped I realized what a special child I have, that she really adores Bunny. :) She loves how good her manners are, and also how well spoken she is. Told me that on day 2 or 3 there was an assignment to color in a picture of an apple, and Bunny hesitantly, but very deliberately told her, "Excuse me, but I don't color; I create. Can I draw an apple?" Which is totally Bunny to a 'T'. That child knows her mind, I can attest to that.

Mrs. Cline went on to say that Bunny seems to enjoy playing with a variety of classmates and taking leadership positions, such as being a class Safety Marshal. (For what it's worth, I named her House Safety Marshall, too, haha.) With regard to 'standards' for her grade, she's exceeding most concepts and meeting some others (not a big fan of writing in all lower case, but that is typical of her age). Her spatial awareness, ability to predict and reason are precocious, and she is a great listener (good to hear she listens at school haha, since she mainly excels at interrupting at home, heehee).

All in all, she's doing wonderfully, and I am proud--and so is Bunny! This is the teacher comment on her report card:
Bunny is an excellent student and her love for school is obvious! She is creative, confident, and polite. Bunny excels with listening, following directions, and classroom behavior. It is always interesting to hear her share in front of the class because her language is very sophisticated. Bunny knows all letter names and all letter sounds and is beginning to read simple words. Our focus the next trimester will be writing numbers and lower case letters. During choice time Bunny enjoys going to the art center. Bunny is a joy to have in class!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Eye bleach please. PLEASE?!?

Do I really need to say anything here?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

He was just checking... honest!

Today Desmond and Luke came over to play and Gretchen and Heidi stayed the whole time to visit. It was nice to sit and chat... anyway at some point Luke began to make quite a stink, literally, but did not admit to needing a new diaper. Heidi was lying on the floor on her stomach, as Luke ran this way and that... we figured eventually he'd decide he did want to be clean after all. Carter was really enjoying hearing the word poop so much, and at one point I checked him to make sure he was not contributing to the 'odeur' in the air. Anyway, a few moments later Heidi is gasping in shock -- Carter has pulled her waistband away from her rear end and checked her for poop! First time a male has been that fresh with her in quite some time. ;)

Thankfully Heidi is indeed potty trained, and was clean. Or so she claims!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Carter & His Lovey

100_4983, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

My sweet boy has an odd lovey. Mama's big belly. I kid you not, the child loves this belly of mine. He will walk up, raise my shirt a little, say, "Hello! Baby Be-yee!" and wave at well, my belly button (the best part, it seems). He loves to rub his cheek on it, rest his head on it. If big sister comes up and wants to use my belly as a pillow, too, he will try to pull my stomach towards him (not so comfortable) and scream, "Mine!" He will also tell 'the belly' "Bye bye!" and wave at it then cover it back over.

Too bad it's a temporary thing. Well, for him. Personally, I won't mind forgetting I can't fit in tight spaces or bonking myself with doors, or my favorite, as I go around a corner. (Yes, I am very graceful.) Plus, it's the baby boy who is making it this size, and he's set to debut sometime in about 6-8 weeks (my due date is kind of fluid and may change as I never agreed with the Jan 12 date to begin with, haha).

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Monkey Cake for the Little Monkey Boy

The birthday party is over and was all in all a success. I didn't realize when I set the date that it was also the return to standard time, so by all of 5:30, the little boys were stumbling tired (it feeling like all of 6:30, haha). I have to admit, the cake was really yummy. Chocolate with chocolate butter cream. Took me forever to get those dang ears on, and I was not ready with the rest of the food by the time our guests were here, but it was only Desi's and Luke's families, so not someone who I have to be perfect for. ;)

Carter had a great time, actually ATE some of his cake (unlike the ice cream from his birthday), and is now pooped. As are we all!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Tee Shirt Factory

Tee Shirt Factory, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Stumped as to what to give the kids for favors for Carter's birthday party, I settled on making tee shirts. Well, Hanes made them. But I dyed them and did the rest. I always get a little grumpy when buying loot bags for kids, as it's just something you do because you're supposed to, and then it's all in the trash or on its way there before dusk settles that day.

Now these were fun! I have a feeling the boys will like theirs well enough (and hey, they're boys; they care a lot less)... the girls? I have no clue if Lily and Anika will wear them. Bunny asked me to make her an extra one: the top left one... and lemme tell you, she wanted about 10x more hearts on it. We're really still trying to get this whole less is more concept, haha. Bunny has said she'll wear hers with her name on it when she has a substitute teacher. Now that's using your noodle! ;)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Oh yes I di'id!

Oct 29 2007, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

I just have to show off this one. Mini bagel mummies! Today I very innocently asked Bunny, who brings the best or coolest snacks to school? I was pretty sure, since kids always are stinkers, she'd say, well someone else. But she said she did. Aww yeah. Sad to say it, but these little things are what make it fun. She said lots of kids have the same snack everyday and hers is always fun to see when she opens it. Yay me. :)

Tomorrow's is already in the works. I made 'faux' pumpkin custard... okay, it's sugar free instant vanilla pudding mixed with pumpkin and the pie spices, but it tastes pretty dead on, and I needed to figure something that would fit in the box cups without melting in an oven). I ate one of them (it made like 4 servings) and it was really pretty damn good, if I don't say so myself.


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