Wednesday, November 14, 2007

He was just checking... honest!

Today Desmond and Luke came over to play and Gretchen and Heidi stayed the whole time to visit. It was nice to sit and chat... anyway at some point Luke began to make quite a stink, literally, but did not admit to needing a new diaper. Heidi was lying on the floor on her stomach, as Luke ran this way and that... we figured eventually he'd decide he did want to be clean after all. Carter was really enjoying hearing the word poop so much, and at one point I checked him to make sure he was not contributing to the 'odeur' in the air. Anyway, a few moments later Heidi is gasping in shock -- Carter has pulled her waistband away from her rear end and checked her for poop! First time a male has been that fresh with her in quite some time. ;)

Thankfully Heidi is indeed potty trained, and was clean. Or so she claims!

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