Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Carter & His Lovey

100_4983, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

My sweet boy has an odd lovey. Mama's big belly. I kid you not, the child loves this belly of mine. He will walk up, raise my shirt a little, say, "Hello! Baby Be-yee!" and wave at well, my belly button (the best part, it seems). He loves to rub his cheek on it, rest his head on it. If big sister comes up and wants to use my belly as a pillow, too, he will try to pull my stomach towards him (not so comfortable) and scream, "Mine!" He will also tell 'the belly' "Bye bye!" and wave at it then cover it back over.

Too bad it's a temporary thing. Well, for him. Personally, I won't mind forgetting I can't fit in tight spaces or bonking myself with doors, or my favorite, as I go around a corner. (Yes, I am very graceful.) Plus, it's the baby boy who is making it this size, and he's set to debut sometime in about 6-8 weeks (my due date is kind of fluid and may change as I never agreed with the Jan 12 date to begin with, haha).

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