Saturday, May 31, 2008

saturday::scanned photo

Paul_John_70s, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Today Paul is sick with a head cold that threatens to head south; he and Bun are skipping skating... Sooooo, only time for me to scan one photo today.

I had to make it a good one. A few days ago, I was putting toddler boy clothes away into the closet where they hibernate and I stumbled upon a familiar box: the treasure trove of baby/kid photos Paul's mom sent me some 7-8 years ago. I giggled with delight and nearly rubbed my hands together in a sinister manner. There is so much fodder within those cardboard confines, I could spend a month just on these photos. But for today, we'll have to enjoy this beaut from, well, it had to be perhaps 1974.

Ah, the 70s. My mother in law has dressed her sons like Herb Tarlek. Matched to the shirts. I bet you donuts to dollars there are matching shoes out of the frame. I like to imagine they're white and shiny.

And let's not even talk about the hair... okay actually, let's talk a little about it. WTF is up with John's hair? Oh well, honestly, my own father's hair was not much shorter mid-70s. I need to get him to scan the photo albums from when my sister and I were little--there's a lot of bad there, too. But my parents were nto fans of the ill formed concept that was the leisure suit... at least we have that on Paul's clan. I mean, seriously! Can you imagine going out to BUY these suits, and not even from Goodwill for a 70s party as a joke? What was the thought process here? They must've been seen as attractive, right? Right?!? Oh, the horror. My poor husband.

For the record, Paul is not recovering from a nasty bout of chicken pox or some horrid skin deformation. The photo has been discolored with age, and he only looks like no one should touch him or even breathe the air too close to him. In reality I am sure his skin was fine. :)

The things you do

Last night I had my picture taken ina group shot at CHEVY's. Yes, in a restaurant. I always hated it when people took photos in a restaurant, and would feel oh, so worldly back in my youth, thinking something like, "What goobers." Now, I stand by that assessment if you're going out for dinner with the family like you do weekly and taking photos. Go to a park, or take some at home, people (the obvious caveat would be if something truly photo worthy occurs, like say, your child sticks a fork in his nose). But, perhaps, sometimes they are a group of friends who will not likely be in the same spot at the same time maybe ever again. Then I guess you do what you gotta do. It was Heidi's send off and we all had a nice time, and drank tequila. A little of it. :)

Friday, May 30, 2008


Yesterday after dropping Bunny off at school, I took the boys to the park. Cole seemed to enjoy the view from my back, and is utterly perplexed and somewhat irritated by wind. When it blows in his face he blinks and blows raspberries and I believe he thinks I am doing it to him. It's kind of funny to watch. I set up a blanket on the grass, and let him practice sitting some--he's getting to where he can go a second or two leaning forward with his arms supporting him.

I brought Carter's little ride on bike, and he had fun roaming around looking for 'yellow fowers'. I told him they're dandelions, but we had some trouble with that concept. When I told him the name of the flower was dandeLION, he looked at me and said, "not a lion, a flower!" I then proceeded to confuse him my saying they turn into the fluffy, white flowers he likes to blow on. So of course, he blows on it, and once I told him, later, he then dropped it and it was dead to him.

I remember thinking dandelions were pretty when I was a child. I still do think they're pretty when they're not in the front yard, which has been consumed by the little weeds, since my kids are really good at blowing the seeds around. I spent a while looking at one yesterday and they're really happy little flowers. And with such a fun way of getting their seeds 'round, too.

Bunny picked this sweet little bouquet for her teacher. She only has 11 days of school left, and is very excited to be 'about to be' a first grader, but also going to miss Mrs. Cline a lot. But, Mrs. Cline will be moving to teach 2nd grade starting next year, so perhaps she will be lucky enough to have her again. The next two weeks will be busy. She has "Teddy Bear Week", where a lucky bear can spend every night for a week at school, is going to the 'real' cafeteria with her big buddy to learn about how that works, will have field day, a couple of different end of year and summer birthday parties, and her yearboook will come out. Then she gets off one week, and we start the craziness of going to Santa Cruz daily for Little Guards...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cute, cute, cute!

I need a new swimsuit. Seeing as my old one weathered a whole pregnancy and is a little bit stretched out.

Having had three babies, my tum-tum is not a sight for happy beach eyes -- unless you really like accordians, then the way the skin below my belly button folds is a wonder to behold.
So, it's time for the kind of bathing suits that go up to my belly button. I don't want to look like a grandma, but I do like the way our grandmas suits looked when they were young -- very stylish, actually! Think classic WWII pinups... they were not wearing skimpy suits at all, and looked, well, must've looked okay, since the GIs plastered their walls with them. ;)

Enter the Ester Williams classic 2 piece. I think when I lose 10 more pounds I am getting it. Love the polka dots. It's do your hair before sitting by the pool and drinking a 'boat drink' cute. 'Cept I'd never get around to the hair doing part. ;)

What would you choose?

In the season finale of "House", which I actually don't watch, there was the story of a woman in a bus accident. Some preexisting condition complicates her treatment, and she is places into a medical coma while the doctors figure out what to do to help her. Turns out there is no 'help'... she will die. Her boyfriend is given the option of either allowing her to die while sedated, or to wake her to tell her she will die. Being TV, he chooses option two and they spend time saying goodbye before she slips back into a coma and passes away.

Now, this is a choice only the 'other' one, the one who's going to live can make. Unless you're hypothetically thinking about it, like I am now. ;) Would you want to be awakened only to be told you're dying anyway? Or would you prefer to remain peaceful, as I imagine she was in the coma?

Me, I'd want to be awakened. Not so much for me, but so that those I love--and who love me--can say goodbye. Plus it seems less passive to be aware. While it may be a sad--and scary--situation, it's not like we all don't know we must die someday, so for those who live on, much like funerals, it would be nice to have a goodbye said. Oh, but bring on the opiates or whatever -- no need to make it physically painful; I'm not talking about being a masochist. I would not want the kids there, though. I think that would be too much; I'd lose it and cry a lot, and not because of me, but out of being sad thinking about them having to grow up motherless, and whether they'd ever have clean underwear again because there is no way my husband is doing 10 loads of laundry a week. They'd do better to remember me in everyday circumstances.

And maybe I'd eat a lot of chocolate while saying goodbye. Because there is always time for chocolate and I don't eat it often enough... but hey if there is no tomorrow, you better believe I want a big humongo box of Godiva. :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chicken Salsa Soup

Made this yesterday and it was really different and good.
And easy!

Chicken Salsa Soup
olive oil
2 onions chopped
1 head garlic (yes, you read that--a HEAD of garlic), pressed, or chopped fine
2 qts good chicken stock
3 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs
12 oz container fresh pico de gallo (rustic or fresh salsa if you're not in CA)
1 avocado
hot sauce (optional)

Heat dutch oven or soup pot over med-high heat, add oil and saute onions until soft, but not browned, about 5-7 mins. Add garlic and cook 2-3 more minutes--not enough to brown the garlic and make bitter! Add stock, then chicken. Bring to boil and simmer 45 mins or until chicken is poached. Remove from heat (or, just turn it off) and fish out the chicken. Add the pico de gallo. Taste the broth and add salt if you feel it's needed. I did, and added 1/8 tsp. When the chicken is cool enough to handle, shred it into chunky threads. Dump that back into the pot and then warm it all up, depending on if you forgot you were making soup or not. (Heh. Not that I ever forget things or end up changing 3-4 diapers in a row... you'd think with 2 children in diapers, two in a row would be the max, but trust me, it's not... they coordinate these things so that what seems like it should be a 5 minute job can take upwards of 30 mins... but I digress...)

Whenever you remember there is soup, serve it with sliced or chunked up avocado -- trust me, it's wonderful in the soup! -- and maybe a dash of hot sauce. I like Tapatio, but whatever floats your boat.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Strap in, shut up and hold on. We're going back.

I received this from Courtney a good while back. It's cry while you laugh funny.
My favorite bit:
"Cowboy Chachi Loves You Best."

Click on post title for more...

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Reading House

Kindergarten is finishing up! Bun's completed her Zoophonics folder, we've done her last Red Book Bag journal entry, and both have come home for posterity. I'm scanning the RBB journal, both to share with those who will enjoy seeing it (grandparents) and also in case anything happens to it. It's slow going work to scan anything, since I have to do it my plentiful 'off' time. ;) Anyway, this is her last entry, for The Napping House, which was a charming book.

We'll be resuming our weekly trips to the library this summer, and Bunny is very excited that next year she will be able to go to the 'big' school library to check out books all by herself. Being a person who loves to sit and read and could happily 'waste' a day doing that almost anytime, I'm happy to see her developing a love of stories and hope as she learns to read that the wonder of being able to immerse yourself in another time or place--or simply a different perspective of your own time and place--will take hold of her.

We're working on her reading 'first reader' books to me before bed (when her pesky little brother is not grabbing the book out of her hands), and she is always so proud when she takes the time to truly sound out the words. I have to be careful to find books she has never heard, or she is prone to guessing or reciting instead of reading. It seems to frustrate her more when I insist she look at the words and sound them out if she knows the gist of the story. Patience grasshopper...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I can always watch...

There are some movies you see on, and you always watch some or the rest of the movie.

My list, like me, is a wee bit eclectic. ;)

Empire Strikes Back -- up to the Cloud City part. Then, no not so much.
Better Off Dead. I think you're either a Say Anything or a Better Off Dead person. I looove this movie more than any of the other 80s 'teen' movies.
Gone With the Wind.
A Christmas Story -- but generally I OD on it when it's on for 24 hrs straight on Dec 25.
Bowfinger -- sue me, this is a really funny movie, regardless of what anyone else says. The scene where Eddie Murphy is trying to cross the LA freeway slays me.
A Fish Called Wanda
Citizen Kane
Full Metal Jacket
The Deer Hunter --
but it usually is too long/starts too late for me to watch much.

Oh, and speaking of LOONG. I think I may never see the end of Apocalypse Now! I have tried probably 12 times, and I never make it to him crossing the border into Cambodia. As far as I know Brando is not really in the movie. I never made it that far. ;) I did read The Crucible... that should count for something.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Made me snort my coffee, this quote did. Write like Yoda, I am. Know why, I don't.

However, this is some funny stuff. Perhaps best ever. About some dude I know nothing about except that he married Ashlee Simpson, some guy named Pete...
I didn't know Gymboree carried hoodies in size douche.


Friday, May 23, 2008

Smells like a campfire.

Outside the house, that is. A nice campfire with fresh smoky wood. And the sky is 'off'. This wind can't be helping the fire, which is national news now. Oh boy, oh boy!

Off topic: I didn't think and searched using the Yahoo search bar for Santa Cruz Fire and what was the highest result? The freaking 1894 fire. Thanks Yahoo -- you're the best search engine ever! Google however gave a few appropriate links about current news before mentioning a fire 110+ years ago. I almost never use Yahoo to search, and this is why. I can see why MS wanted Yahoo, since I imagine a lot of people have Yahoo as their home page (we do on 2 computers in this house). But it's an inferior search tool. Okay, rant over.

First blazing hot, now chilly... and on fire.

In Santz Cruz county, at least.
Pretty photo, no? Well, the smoke is part of the 'beauty'... making the light bend and play.

The first of the fires started Sunday afternoon, and actually, we heard the planes and helicopters going overhead as Desmond's birthday party was winding down. Funny to think we had just driven there to beat the heat the day before--and had a great day at the beach! This morning it's chilly and I heard on the news it might SNOW in some places up where there fire because the night time lows are that low. Insane.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lies I have told Bunny

Carter is too young to be lied to really, so I am sinless for him, and the baby, well, whaddaya gonne lie about to a 4 month old? You'd have to be one low down, dirty, dog to lie to a baby, and about what? Sorry honey, no more milk?

But anyway, I have stretched the truth a hell of a long way little bit when it was really, um, necessary. Such as:

They won't sell binkies for moms to give to 3 year olds! I tried!
Yes, it really is bedtime! (said a couple of times when it was about 6:30 and I'd had too many nights of solo parenting in a row)

Then there was Monster Spray. A nice smelling mixture in a spray bottle for Bun to spritz all around because monsters hate nice smelling things. Hey, I tried the 'there are no monsters'--but honesty got me nowhere fast on that one.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh, how I hate Crocs.

more cat pictures

But I luvzes teh kittehs!

Plastics make *something* possible...

I am certainly not bringing up some breaking news to reflect on the whole BPA controversy with regard to plastics. It's all terribly confusing... what is correlation and what is 'causation'? It is a little like the ad campaign here that basically is trying to make people feel like criminals if they smoke cigarettes within the confines of their apartments--the smoke could travel through a duct and kill the adorable unsuspecting child two floors up from you, you BASTARD! While I do not doubt that it can and does travel in this way, what exactly is the rate of cigarette smoke-related illness when it is second hand and conveyed through light fixtures, anyway? I'm all for information, but I like it to be a little less hysterical.

So anyway, the BPA thing. Like anyone who lives in the present, and not a Unibomber cabin, or a select few towns in Pennsylvania, there is a LOT of plastic round these here parts. And a couple of weeks ago I learned that even canned foods have a lining of plasticized material that contains the evil anagram. I don't make a lot of convenience foods, but we do pop open canned tomatoes to make a soup, or the beloved canned mandarins my kids love, and mmmm... black olives. Oh, and tuna, probably to the tune of one can a week. It all adds up. Does it matter? Does the fact that we eat off mostly ceramic and I actually use the stove and oven for most of the cooking change the equation? What about cling wrap? I don't use it to reheat, but we use the new kind with the gluey stuff on it sometimes, like when my daughter drops the apple juice and manages to break the cap. Should I forgo the wonderful lock and lock containers that I use for her lunch--and the litterless juice box--and go retro with wax paper, a sigg bottle, and mini thermos? UGH!

Today I got an email from Real Simple with a link on How Dangerous Is Plastic? Get the Facts
I'm not sure I got any new information from the article, but I did find a good blog that attempts to list and quantify BPA in every-everything so you cna find out if a product it truly BPA free. See, apparently an item can be RIDDLED with BPA, but then have a *lining* that is BPA free, and since food doesn't touch the BPA, it's okay to say there is none. Now what happens with you scratch it? BPA, derrr. Does it matter? No one seems to really know.

All I know is I'd like my kids to not get all manner of weird crap ingested if I can help it. Oh, and I'd like for my husband and me to also live longer, healthier lives. I'm not the type to go hog wild prohibiting anything, but I do like to find a happy medium as far as these things go.

6 Yr Old Stagefright

Bunny has to perform for the 'whole school, even the 5th graders' today and then the parents again in the evening when her school has "DanceFest". I'm not sure what it is going to be, but I am going got bring the camera, and I am sure it will be something cute. Poor thing, if she has my non-dancing skills, she will be out of sync a lot. But then again, so will a lot of Kindergarteners.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wanna watch a scruffy dude mumble for 2 hrs?

No? Then skip Last Days, a fictionalized account of the last days of Kurt Cobain's life. It was on IFC last night at 10, and I am pretty sure I was asleep by 10:20, and only made it that long because Paul kept saying things like, "What is with this guy?" I think you have to be on heroine to enjoy the pace or something. Even Paul said he changed the channel after a little while because it was 'too slow'.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I could do some real damage here.

This is Venus, my new razor. I got it, basically, because it was hugely on sale and I had a $4 off coupon, making it cost $0.99. Even if I never buy blades for it, that's a steal for 2 razors, I figure.

I didn't pay any attention to what it was like until I used it the first time. OH MAN... it has 5 blades. FIVE. And they're all a good 1-1.5 inches long. That's a lot of razor to be allowing my clumsy self to use. I mean, I can do plenty of damage with a double blade razor, thanksmuch.

So far I only have cut myself one little bit. Which is a miracle, since I tend to be shaving like it's a race, which it kind of is -- a race against the 2 yr old who keeps opening the shower door yelling at me to turn the water off and get out. See, he hates showers and doesn't get why I like it. He'd much rather I take a bubble bath. But who has that kind of time when you have 3 kids? Well, not me. ;)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Beating the Heat

2008-05-17 142, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Yesterday was not as bad as Friday, but I was OVER this whole heat wave BS. So, after lunch, we piled into the car and headed to Santa Cruz. OH MY... it was like stepping into HEAVEN itself. It was in the low 70s and pure divinity.

Carter and Bunny had a wonderful time playing on the beach, and Carter was asking for more beach the whole way home, until he passed out in his car seat. Paul and Carter 'built' a huge sand pile--literally a big pile of sand, and Bunny ran around splashing and enjoying herself a lot. Normally It's Beach is too chilly, but this was a great day on It's. It was crowded, but only by It's standards. Still plenty of room to play, and the spray was so nice and chilly. Cole got his first time with toes dipped in the water. He didn't cry, but he did pull his feet up.

Last night the temps dropped to 56 and it feels actually nice in the house now. So, yay... I will cook breakfast today, and Carter will be so excited that it's finally 'bacon time' (I cook bacon once a week, and he calls it 'bacon time'. He is too funny.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Last Day of the Heat Wave

It had better be the last day at least. Or, I'm... um... going to whine more. No, tomorrow will only be 85, which will be 20 degrees less than yesterday, so BRRRR, chilly!

Cole says bring it on. He's ready for the pool, clearly. ;)

As usual for a Saturday morning, Bun and Paul are at her skate class, then we're high tailing it to the beach, where it should be a good 15 degrees cooler. Yeah!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Why I am busy at about 6:30 a,m. shutting windows.

See the top graph? See the rapid bump between 7 and 8? That's why.


So Bunny was just in the shower and comes out with a 'scratch' on her leg the needed a band aid. Now, I was not born yesterday. She was shaving. Doof. I told her she could end up getting thicker, darker hair on her legs, and she seemed sufficiently appalled by the idea. That, and the bleeding.

I remember once deciding to shave when I was in the 2nd grade. For some reason, I thought I also should shave my arms. I don't know -- I guess they were about as hairy as my legs anyway. Kids are so silly.

In other news, we're going to weather the heat in the best way this afternoon. By avoiding it completely! In air conditioning! :)

Oh joy, the heat's peak was not yesterday after all.

Supposed to be 3 degrees hotter today. If Bun didn't have school, I'd take us all to the beach. I'm still tempted, but we will hunker down and lay low. It worked decently yesterday, until late afternoon, when it was just too effing hot outside and the heat topped 90 inside. Which is when the kids and I got into the pool. Cole was not happy about the chilly water at first, but I immersed him a teeny bit at a time and he ended up being in up to his chin, and happy. Plus, he got to sport an outfit that is truly humiliating. I took a photo, but have not uploaded--will capture that humiliation tonight.

Anyway, today's plan is to drink about 2 gallons of water (nursing, need more to give Cole extra since he'll be thirsty, too). And I'm making Jello. Hey, it's cool. Even if the world outside resembles hell afire.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

28,000,000,000 bacteria voluntarily ingested.

Yesterday I took pill #28 of a 28-day digestive cleanse. I figured after all the wear and tear of pregnancy and childbirth on my abdomen, I could stand to make sure all the right flora was there and helping me be, oh, I don't know, optimal as far as that all goes.

Each pill has 1 billion bacteria in it. I have never been constipated, even when I had a really tough spell a couple of times in my early 20s of my digestive enzymes going ALL KINDS of haywire. I may have terrible joints and connective tissues, but at least I am reg'lar, haha. However, I had read about all the pressure--both literal and figurative--pregnancy puts on your intestines and GI in general, so I figured it couldn't hurt.

It was easy, really. Take a pill everyday. I've heard stories of people losing all kinds of weight on a cleanse, but I suspect those are people who don't eat anywhere near the fiber I do anyway. You can ask my poor daughter, who looks like I have offered to kill her when I serve her chard and kale and spinach on a regular basis. We eat roughage, and whole grains like crazy. So, while I have lost weight, it was the weight I was steadily losing as I continue to lose after childbirth, not the crazy claims you hear some say. I'm alright with that, because I am happy I didn't have, well, pounds and pounds of plaque and gook in my intestines.

The one drawback? Gas. Just sayin'. Not such that it makes one unable to have a social life or something. It's kind of like you decided you are now going to live on, say, bean soup. LOL!

Battened down.

It's 7:15 and I have shut all the windows and drawn all the shades. It's like we're expecting an attack by enemies, but today the enemy is heat. It got into the 60s last night, so we had the windows open and got the house reasonably cool after the thermostat inside read 90 yesterday evening. Today will be 100, and after a certain point there is little you can do to beat the heat, no matter how you try to shut out light--then it'll be pool time. :)

On today's menu, cold cereal, sammiches and melon... dinner I am not sure about. Figures last weekend would be the time the propane tank hit empty. So unless I take it to be filled today, grilling out is not an option. That's what I would generally do on a hot day. Bah.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Guess who skipped his nap?

2008-05-13 020, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

Carter opted for the on-the-go nap again today. Cole was also asleep, so he was in the car seat in the top part of the cart.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cole is more popular than Carter.

Well, according to the Social Security Administration, at least. In the 2000s (this decade) Cole ranks 72nd among baby names, but Carter is 93rd. I had no clue either was even a little bit popular, to be honest. Bun's given name remains and surely will remain decidedly unpopular. ;)

Monday, May 12, 2008

A Day Late, but too good to skip.

Tattoo Cupcake, originally uploaded by Bakerella.

This from the amazing Bakerella. Too bad fondant tastes icky. And frosting is what cupcakes are ALL about, in my humble opinion. Still, these are so cute!

Are instructions really necessary here?

2008-05-11 003, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

I was breaking down a zipper bag box to recycle and this caught my eye -- the instructions?? What person who can read them is really standing there pondering how to use a Ziplock? Granted, I just recently taught Bunny how to seal one. Again, a more or less illiterate child! Some things really don't need directions. Perhaps my soap has instructions, too. I should check. ;)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I got my presents a little early at the class mother's day celebration at Bunny's Kinder. I love them! Bun's school has a kiln, so she gets to do some wonderful projects.

And they're generous with the thing most moms love, photos. I love how this one of Bun turned out, and also that there is a 'theme' with the sunflowers, which are among my favorites. She also gave me a really nice laminated drawing of me, a card, and a place mat for me to eat breakfast on.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

4 months old!

4 months old today, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

How quickly the time is flying. Cole is 4 months old, and such a joy. I don't think he cried once yesterday. He mystifies me with his ability to watch the world around, him, and what a world it must be to him. He has plenty of amusement with his siblings both loving him in their own ways: Carter is affectionate in an aggressive way at times--but not mean, just TOO hard with the hugging or pressing his cheek to Cole's. And Bunny tries to get away with treating Cole as a living, breathing baby doll. Way more fun than Bitty Baby, I am sure. Anyway, here he is, cute and serene. But he's not in real life -- just woke from his nap and I must run.

saturday::scanned photo

Oct_1998_Winchester House, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

I decided to return to the photo album I found in the garage for a little while today. I scanned a few from my father's trip to visit in October 1998. I believe this was his first trip out here to visit after we moved out in 1997. We went to the Winchester House, which is famous for being built and continually added onto by one heck of a crazy lady, the heir to the Winchester fortune, who believed that all the spirits of those harmed by the Winchester rifles were haunting and cursing her, and that the only way to avoid some awful fate was to never complete the building of this house. Oh, and to be tricksy about how it was built, with dead end stairwells, and holes in the floor, and general nuttiness. Of course, the poor woman's awful fate was that her life was a nighmare of paranoid insanity, but nevermind--the house is well worth the few hours it takes to see it.

This photo is of me in my personal favorite place, a room that was never anywhere near completion but had some AMAZING Tiffany windows in it. I love the daisies beyond my mere ability to form coherent sentences. There was a whole store room full of uninstalled Tiffany windows, still packed in crates. I wish I could wiggle my nose and make just one mine. ;)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Oh my, oh my!

Trader Joe's Creme Brulees, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

I bought these a couple of weeks ago, thinking they'd be a nice desert when FIL was in town. But then we were too full and I forgot about them for a while. Bunny does not forget about dessert. Oh no, not her. Every couple-three days she'd mention the creme brulees.

So we had them last night. They are divine. I love 'em. Perfect texture, sooo easy, and the fruit was delightful. I only indulge in creme brulee 3-4 times a year, so it's not like this will be added to my weekly list, but if I were in bizarro eat all the fat you want land, I would consider this a part of the food pyramid.

Me as a baby.

KRISTIANNA, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

I can see the resemblance between me and my youngest so much when I look at this photo. Except he has a normal sized forehead. I have about an, um... 13 finger forehead there. Being bald until you're 2+ years old doesn't help. I don't know how old I am here, but let's just call it baby sized. Not newborn, but not all that old, either.

Anyway, I like this one because you can really see a lot of Cole from the mouth up. :) See, I had to keep having kids just to have one that looked a little like me. HaHA!

Why a big ass is better.

... than a big waist, at least.

I should be good to go! Though I have lost a few more pounds in my slow journey down back to normal(ish) sized me-ness. But in the meantime, and also because even when I was 128 in college I still had AMPLE booty, I am glad if I have to have a fat collection place my body prefers it's not my abdomen.

At least I know I am done with the pregnancy weight gain portion of my life (I figured out I have gained and lost 100 lbs of baby weight in 6 yrs, in 30-35 lb increments). So I can feel like there is a purpose to losing this time. It's damn hard to motivate to lose the last 5-8 lbs when you jus tknow you're going to throw it all out the window again. ;)

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Way to go California -- way to avoid relevance!

Genius! California was part of Super Tuesday this year in the primaries. Generally CA is an early June primary. Probably 75% of the time, this relegates our most populous, delegate laden state basically irrelevant as many races are all but OVER by then--move on to the convention and the real election, right? So, they moved the primary.

Well! Imagine if we were not part of Super Tuesday. Imagine if hundreds of delegates were still in the offing. Barack and Hillary would be salivating over the Golden State. They'd be ALL OVER the place, talking about issues we can give a crap about, and doing just about anything they could to garner the votes. Instead, ironically, we're still pretty irrelevant, and the candidates simply use our state as a veritable ATM--come, grab cash and go to the states where they need votes. Hillary won't be slugging back a whiskey with any of our salty folk, will she? Or even having lattes with the Silicon Valleyites.

Oh well -- oopsie! ;) At least our Governor is one bad mofo, heh.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I Hate Animal Planet

Well, perhaps hate is a strong word. I really wish I never had to watch that channel ever again. That would be more accurate -- see Bunny is OBSESSED with it. She loves animals, and would have it on all day if I allowed her. I have vetoed the animal cops and vet/trauma shows. They're too sad to go with my morning coffee, and ever since the one vet show about a puppy that failed to thrive, then languished and died due to some intestinal deformation--which was a full hour of depressing puppy dying--I have said no to those shows. But there is a series of shows on people adopting orphaned wild animals that she loves, and well, so I let her watch it. Right now, as I type, some lady is caring for an adopted MOOSE. WTF? I guess baby moose need help and love, but damn that is NOT a cute baby. Time for more coffee.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gettin' Chiggy with It.

Chiggy is Carter's beloved, decrepit quilt. It's so ripped and falling apart there are holes clean through the thing; it's also so worn that it is amazingly soft. Do I know how to quilt? NOOOO. Will I be trying to mend the thing? Yessss. I fear a franken-quilt is going to happen. As long as it's soft, hopefully Carter will still love it. Paul and I like to 'borrow' it after the kids are asleep for sofa snuggling if we're on the same sofa, and will both try to claim it if we're each flopped out on different sofas. It's that soft. I hope I don't kill Chiggy!

(I don't know why Carter named it chiggy. Chiggy is also a generic blanket in Carter-speak, but it's like how deep South people say Coke for every soda... there is THE chiggy and A chiggy. Go firgure.)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Bunny and Carter were dancing. Bunny is trying to teach him to twirl. She said, "Now let's do some spinning!" So Carter SPITS onto the floor. The end.

She passed!

Of course she did -- Bun has been swimming for over 4 years, and is a strong, albeit undisciplined swimmer (discipline will follow with swim team next fall, heh). It turned out there was an opening in the session we preferred so she'll be in Little Guards June 23 - July 18. L-6 (the number emblazoned on her arm in very permanent marker, did it! ;)

Saturday, May 03, 2008

saturday::scanned photo

Just a few this week... I do love spending time looking at these photos for the first time in probably 5-7 years (or more, for the college ones). Sometimes, when you're sleep deprived, and stressed, it's good to touch base and remember the little things along the way and *try* to see the big picture. I become so myopic, so task oriented in the hub-bub of day to day life, which largely is also so free of noteworthiness--it all blurs. Wake up early, nurse baby, give 2 yr old sippy cup, make coffee, continue to nurse, drink coffee, make breakfast, clean up, help 5 yr old with homework and getting ready for school, take her and 2 other to drop off, run an errand or go straight home and have lunch, nurse more, boys hopefully take naps so they'll not be cranky in the evening, wake them, back to school for pickup, go to park, to an errand, or home, make snacks, nurse baby, maybe go outside for a while, make dinner, lots of little bits of laundry and tidying (never enough to be totally clean, but to stave off bad messiness), get kids to eat dinner, clean up after dinner, nurse baby, get kids a bath some nights, get them to bed every night, nurse baby. Sure there are the days we go on excursions, and the summer is a time for lots of those, but what I wrote above is pretty much a constant.

I genuinely enjoy it (most of the time once I have my coffee), mundane as it sounds all written out -- there are those moments when I get to color with Carter all alone, or play with him with his trains, or craft with Bunny, or hang out talking with her before bedtime (our only real alone time together, save the baby on my lap). There are the times when I look at the serenity on Cole's face while he sleeps, or the great big grins and chuckles he does and my heart nearly bursts. There are the times when I see the mirth in Carter's eyes, or the flash of gusto Bunny can have, and they amaze me, and make the relentless work all worth it. I love how Carter is finally speaking more, and telling me things, and I can't wait until he can really talk to us, just like Bunny does (old joke about wanting kids to be quiet once they talk notwithstanding). I see how *quickly* Cole is growing, and I am trying so hard to remember all the way that this is my last baby. That yes, I am very tired, but I will never have the gift of being able to wake to nurse a baby at 5 a.m. More than our older 2 children, I have been doing as much as I possibly can in caring for Cole all myself, I suppose because I am getting better at it along the way, but also because I want to do it. It's fleeting and while I will certainly change a diaper again, perhaps for a baby niece or nephew, eventually I will even miss stinky diapers. Parenting is relentless! Usually while I am going one thing for someone, I'm asked to do 2-4 more things before I finish what I am doing.

So, by the end of the day, I am tired. And cranky. I should repeat that -- CRANKY. I almost never get to shower two days in a row. I forget to eat, even though I am giving someone else food 2 times or more any given hour, then I eat crappy stuff because I am way too hungry once I remember to eat and I don't care what I eat by that point. I drink too much coffee. It's hard. But it's fleeting. The saying may be trite, but it is true: The days, and sometimes seconds creep by so slowly, but the years FLY. Like everyone I sometimes need very badly to vent, but just like someone who vents about their coworker doesn't actually hate them, or their job, I am not hating my life when I complain about something... I think it's hard for my husband to understand that one. It's doubly hard, since if I vent to him, he takes it personally. So I try to vent more to my mom friends. They get it. They know. It's not hatred of my life. It's letting off steam. It's that yes, it's okay to not like that I have not gone to the bathroom alone for 6 years. It's acceptable to lose your mind a little when someone has been sinking "eee-eye-eee-eye-oh" in an endless loop for 15 minutes straight! I'm human, just like everyone else. I say things I didn't think out before I uttered them. I become frustrated. Again, this is normal. Maybe very normal when you have a 6 year old, a 2 year old, and a 3 month old. And when the only times you have gone anywhere alone in the past 6+ months have been to the grocery store--and that, a total of less than once a month.

But still, it is fleeting. I do try to remember that. With mixed results, depending on the day and how everyone else is doing that day. I'm not master of my mood--I wish I could wake in a good mood and stay that way, but it's a dynamic organism, a family of 5 is. If someone else is having a terrible day, it sometimes spreads. Some good days I'm impervious and can make light of a child in a snit, and that makes them happier in return. Some days I am just matter of fact and doing my job. Some days I am a walking, talking nightmare of crankiness. I'm getting better at accepting that, and telling Bunny and Carter--and Paul-- that.

But anyway, the photo? The beach where Paul tried to propose to me. It was SO cold that evening we ended up going to the car to watch the sunset, and he proposed in there. It was still lovely anyway. We went out to dinner at L'escargot in Carmel afterwards, and that was divine, too.

A Post a Day in May

A post a day in May!

Since I already had a two whopping day streak going, I figured why not join in the Post a Day In May event--is that even an appropriate term? Challenge? I dunno. Whatever. Alls I know is I am going to attempt to remember to blather on daily. :)

This evening Bunny has her swim test. She's nervous! It's all things she *can* do. But she is stressed by the knowledge that if she fails, then no Little Guards for her this summer. Fingers crossed that she keeps her cool. I'll update tomorrow with the results.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Yeah? Well me neither kid.

That is what I wanted to say last night.

What probably anyone who already loses sleep to a 3.5 month old who wakes on and off from 4-6 a.m. would want to say when their two year old is utterly, inexplicably awake at 1:09 a.m and keeps saying "I can't sleep!". And wants to watch Noggin. WTF?? Oh, and is very upset he can't find the hat to his Mr. Potato Head. Um, maybe because it is DARK and not in the same room as you anyway? And because that parent has her 3.5 month old sleeping peacefully not too many feet away, she tries quietly to convince the 2 yr old to be quiet and go to sleep. Wanna snuggle with Mama? Nooooo. No! No! No-no-no-nooooooooooo! Shhhhhh.... Want Noggin! Sit on sofa! No, no TV. It's bedtime. It's dark out! Noooooo! Sit sofa! You come! (deep sigh, gather all patience) The TV has gone to bed, too. We're all sleepy. It's night. Go go sleep. (some back and forth; finally 2 yr old is in bed, but then begins to howl; yay, 3.5 month old is awake, too! It's a unhappy awake boychild party!) Says Mama, Control yourself and be quiet. You do not have to go to sleep, but you do have to stay still and be quiet. (Much whimpering. Quiet whimpering. 2 yr old falls asleep after 20 mins.)

Fast forward: It's 6:15 a.m. Baby wakes and refuses to go back to sleep. Mother drags her ass out of bed, makes MUCH coffee. 2 yr old? Sleeps until 8:45. UGH!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

And another thing....


Carter's in the age of the 'boo boo gone' kiss, the magically healing kiss from Mama. Well, apparently it's also possible to self heal that way. I have noticed 3 times in the past 2 days that Carter will give himself kisses on a hurt part of his body. Which explains why he never wants me to kiss his hand, but does want to me to kiss his elbow. And his head. And back. He's got the parts he can reach covered! ;)


Interesting concept. In a nutshell, the two women who maintain this blog are each sharing a photo a day to "look intently and observe the small or ephemeral moments around us."

Probably something many of us could stand to do!

Here's a recent ephemeral moment. Sunday at the park in spring. Yummy apple.


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