Monday, May 26, 2008

The Reading House

Kindergarten is finishing up! Bun's completed her Zoophonics folder, we've done her last Red Book Bag journal entry, and both have come home for posterity. I'm scanning the RBB journal, both to share with those who will enjoy seeing it (grandparents) and also in case anything happens to it. It's slow going work to scan anything, since I have to do it my plentiful 'off' time. ;) Anyway, this is her last entry, for The Napping House, which was a charming book.

We'll be resuming our weekly trips to the library this summer, and Bunny is very excited that next year she will be able to go to the 'big' school library to check out books all by herself. Being a person who loves to sit and read and could happily 'waste' a day doing that almost anytime, I'm happy to see her developing a love of stories and hope as she learns to read that the wonder of being able to immerse yourself in another time or place--or simply a different perspective of your own time and place--will take hold of her.

We're working on her reading 'first reader' books to me before bed (when her pesky little brother is not grabbing the book out of her hands), and she is always so proud when she takes the time to truly sound out the words. I have to be careful to find books she has never heard, or she is prone to guessing or reciting instead of reading. It seems to frustrate her more when I insist she look at the words and sound them out if she knows the gist of the story. Patience grasshopper...

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