Thursday, May 29, 2008

What would you choose?

In the season finale of "House", which I actually don't watch, there was the story of a woman in a bus accident. Some preexisting condition complicates her treatment, and she is places into a medical coma while the doctors figure out what to do to help her. Turns out there is no 'help'... she will die. Her boyfriend is given the option of either allowing her to die while sedated, or to wake her to tell her she will die. Being TV, he chooses option two and they spend time saying goodbye before she slips back into a coma and passes away.

Now, this is a choice only the 'other' one, the one who's going to live can make. Unless you're hypothetically thinking about it, like I am now. ;) Would you want to be awakened only to be told you're dying anyway? Or would you prefer to remain peaceful, as I imagine she was in the coma?

Me, I'd want to be awakened. Not so much for me, but so that those I love--and who love me--can say goodbye. Plus it seems less passive to be aware. While it may be a sad--and scary--situation, it's not like we all don't know we must die someday, so for those who live on, much like funerals, it would be nice to have a goodbye said. Oh, but bring on the opiates or whatever -- no need to make it physically painful; I'm not talking about being a masochist. I would not want the kids there, though. I think that would be too much; I'd lose it and cry a lot, and not because of me, but out of being sad thinking about them having to grow up motherless, and whether they'd ever have clean underwear again because there is no way my husband is doing 10 loads of laundry a week. They'd do better to remember me in everyday circumstances.

And maybe I'd eat a lot of chocolate while saying goodbye. Because there is always time for chocolate and I don't eat it often enough... but hey if there is no tomorrow, you better believe I want a big humongo box of Godiva. :)

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