Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I Hate Animal Planet

Well, perhaps hate is a strong word. I really wish I never had to watch that channel ever again. That would be more accurate -- see Bunny is OBSESSED with it. She loves animals, and would have it on all day if I allowed her. I have vetoed the animal cops and vet/trauma shows. They're too sad to go with my morning coffee, and ever since the one vet show about a puppy that failed to thrive, then languished and died due to some intestinal deformation--which was a full hour of depressing puppy dying--I have said no to those shows. But there is a series of shows on people adopting orphaned wild animals that she loves, and well, so I let her watch it. Right now, as I type, some lady is caring for an adopted MOOSE. WTF? I guess baby moose need help and love, but damn that is NOT a cute baby. Time for more coffee.

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