Friday, May 30, 2008


Yesterday after dropping Bunny off at school, I took the boys to the park. Cole seemed to enjoy the view from my back, and is utterly perplexed and somewhat irritated by wind. When it blows in his face he blinks and blows raspberries and I believe he thinks I am doing it to him. It's kind of funny to watch. I set up a blanket on the grass, and let him practice sitting some--he's getting to where he can go a second or two leaning forward with his arms supporting him.

I brought Carter's little ride on bike, and he had fun roaming around looking for 'yellow fowers'. I told him they're dandelions, but we had some trouble with that concept. When I told him the name of the flower was dandeLION, he looked at me and said, "not a lion, a flower!" I then proceeded to confuse him my saying they turn into the fluffy, white flowers he likes to blow on. So of course, he blows on it, and once I told him, later, he then dropped it and it was dead to him.

I remember thinking dandelions were pretty when I was a child. I still do think they're pretty when they're not in the front yard, which has been consumed by the little weeds, since my kids are really good at blowing the seeds around. I spent a while looking at one yesterday and they're really happy little flowers. And with such a fun way of getting their seeds 'round, too.

Bunny picked this sweet little bouquet for her teacher. She only has 11 days of school left, and is very excited to be 'about to be' a first grader, but also going to miss Mrs. Cline a lot. But, Mrs. Cline will be moving to teach 2nd grade starting next year, so perhaps she will be lucky enough to have her again. The next two weeks will be busy. She has "Teddy Bear Week", where a lucky bear can spend every night for a week at school, is going to the 'real' cafeteria with her big buddy to learn about how that works, will have field day, a couple of different end of year and summer birthday parties, and her yearboook will come out. Then she gets off one week, and we start the craziness of going to Santa Cruz daily for Little Guards...

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