Thursday, May 08, 2008

Way to go California -- way to avoid relevance!

Genius! California was part of Super Tuesday this year in the primaries. Generally CA is an early June primary. Probably 75% of the time, this relegates our most populous, delegate laden state basically irrelevant as many races are all but OVER by then--move on to the convention and the real election, right? So, they moved the primary.

Well! Imagine if we were not part of Super Tuesday. Imagine if hundreds of delegates were still in the offing. Barack and Hillary would be salivating over the Golden State. They'd be ALL OVER the place, talking about issues we can give a crap about, and doing just about anything they could to garner the votes. Instead, ironically, we're still pretty irrelevant, and the candidates simply use our state as a veritable ATM--come, grab cash and go to the states where they need votes. Hillary won't be slugging back a whiskey with any of our salty folk, will she? Or even having lattes with the Silicon Valleyites.

Oh well -- oopsie! ;) At least our Governor is one bad mofo, heh.

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