Thursday, May 15, 2008

28,000,000,000 bacteria voluntarily ingested.

Yesterday I took pill #28 of a 28-day digestive cleanse. I figured after all the wear and tear of pregnancy and childbirth on my abdomen, I could stand to make sure all the right flora was there and helping me be, oh, I don't know, optimal as far as that all goes.

Each pill has 1 billion bacteria in it. I have never been constipated, even when I had a really tough spell a couple of times in my early 20s of my digestive enzymes going ALL KINDS of haywire. I may have terrible joints and connective tissues, but at least I am reg'lar, haha. However, I had read about all the pressure--both literal and figurative--pregnancy puts on your intestines and GI in general, so I figured it couldn't hurt.

It was easy, really. Take a pill everyday. I've heard stories of people losing all kinds of weight on a cleanse, but I suspect those are people who don't eat anywhere near the fiber I do anyway. You can ask my poor daughter, who looks like I have offered to kill her when I serve her chard and kale and spinach on a regular basis. We eat roughage, and whole grains like crazy. So, while I have lost weight, it was the weight I was steadily losing as I continue to lose after childbirth, not the crazy claims you hear some say. I'm alright with that, because I am happy I didn't have, well, pounds and pounds of plaque and gook in my intestines.

The one drawback? Gas. Just sayin'. Not such that it makes one unable to have a social life or something. It's kind of like you decided you are now going to live on, say, bean soup. LOL!

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