Sunday, March 02, 2014


Exactly two weeks after our first storm, the day after my birthday, we got a “big” storm for this area. When people first told me how snow incapacitates the area, and that people would literally abandon their cars, I really thought they were messin’ with me. I mean, really.

But nope, snow and this place are a bad mix. I’m kind of converted from, “Whatever, it’s a couple of inches, I can drive in snow,” to “I see one flake and I am OUT of here, suckas!” It took me 3 hrs and 15 minutes to get ~15 miles that day. I watched cars just…. slide into other cars. Me no likey.

But, from the warmth of my home, while still worrying about power loss or something like that making things less fun, we enjoyed the snow days. Ice coated the world on day 2. It was gorgeous, even if, as I said, I was nervous about the power lines—or our “stuff” being taken down by a falling limb as the very thickest branches in the oldest oaks in our backyard started to point downwards from the massive weight.

IceStorm2014 003

IceStorm2014 013

IceStorm2014 018

IceStorm2014 049

IceStorm2014 032


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