Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day


Today Bunny started 4th grade and Carter started Kindergarten!  Note to Bunny:  make a silly face and I will use the photo anyway.  Next time, smile nicely.  :)

My kids are growing up so fast.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Homecoming Surprise

When Bunny was in preschool, because she wanted it, I painted her wall something not far from Pepto Bismol pink.  I knew it was not a color she’d always love, but she loved it “so hard” at that point in her life there was really no other option that made sense.  Why insist on a color she doesn’t want to be practicalYawn.  Practicality is overrated when it comes to some things, and many of those things involve little girls, I have learned.

And so, one day when Carter was a few weeks old, and I was able to bend and stretch, and not randomly bump things with my belly, I painted her wall.  During a day’s worth of naps I worked whenever I could, and the pink was almost as bold as Bunny.  She loved it.

Time moved on, and Bunny outgrew PINK.  Her Barbies are nearly a thing of the past: she has saved only a couple of special ones, preferring to play with Kit, her American Girl doll, or her Breyer horses.  For over a year, her favorite color has been aqua.  I need a new color, Mama.  I hate this pink!  This became her frequent plea.

Last spring I was at the hardware store and just happened to glance at a rack of mistake paints out by the front door and saw just the color, sitting there.  A pint—enough to do that one accent wall—for $3 or so.  Without hesitation I added that to the basket.

For months I hoped free time to paint would materialize.  Of course it didn’t, because that’s just life with 3 kids!  The pink endured.

This week Bunny is at girl scout camp (horses!) and I decided all of a sudden this morning it was time to make that little can of paint stop mocking me every time I needed something from the garage shelf where touch up paint, etc lives.  Both boys were home, but hey, that is one kid less than normal, and every parent of more than one knows how easy just one less than what you currently have feels and only 1 child feels like a vacation.  (Oh, perspective!)

So, over the morning pink became blue.


This became that.


And it was good.

I hope my little equestrian is happy upon her return in a couple of days!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Why You Shouldn’t Leave a Box of Bandaids on the Counter


This is the only humorous place one has appeared.  :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

This one here


This kid is on a falling down bender, I tell you.  Pursuant to his goal of being 5 feet tall when he begins Kindergarten, he’s decided to embark upon another ridiculous growth spurt because clearly he’s not tall enough at 44 inches at age 3 1/2.  Seriously, he’s 112% on height.  Like I said, the boy is just silly.

Thing is, he clearly has no clue where his legs end.  The poor little(ish) guy has fallen hard nearly everyday for a week or two and, at this rate, might be completely covered in scabs by the weekend.  He stubbed his toe hard enough to take off all the skin on the tip, has all knees and elbows scabbed, has weird scratches everywhere, and just yesterday caught a fall with his hands so that a pebble bore into his palm.


Here he is trying to hold onto a ride while not using his hands.  It didn’t work.  :)  I give him credit for generally getting up, demanding 75 band aids, and going back to his business.  Carrying around a first aid kit is a must, of course, so I can fix him up and send him on his way.


This one here has a lot to do and no time to rest for a mere boo boo.


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