Friday, May 09, 2008

Why a big ass is better.

... than a big waist, at least.

I should be good to go! Though I have lost a few more pounds in my slow journey down back to normal(ish) sized me-ness. But in the meantime, and also because even when I was 128 in college I still had AMPLE booty, I am glad if I have to have a fat collection place my body prefers it's not my abdomen.

At least I know I am done with the pregnancy weight gain portion of my life (I figured out I have gained and lost 100 lbs of baby weight in 6 yrs, in 30-35 lb increments). So I can feel like there is a purpose to losing this time. It's damn hard to motivate to lose the last 5-8 lbs when you jus tknow you're going to throw it all out the window again. ;)

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