Sunday, May 25, 2008

I can always watch...

There are some movies you see on, and you always watch some or the rest of the movie.

My list, like me, is a wee bit eclectic. ;)

Empire Strikes Back -- up to the Cloud City part. Then, no not so much.
Better Off Dead. I think you're either a Say Anything or a Better Off Dead person. I looove this movie more than any of the other 80s 'teen' movies.
Gone With the Wind.
A Christmas Story -- but generally I OD on it when it's on for 24 hrs straight on Dec 25.
Bowfinger -- sue me, this is a really funny movie, regardless of what anyone else says. The scene where Eddie Murphy is trying to cross the LA freeway slays me.
A Fish Called Wanda
Citizen Kane
Full Metal Jacket
The Deer Hunter --
but it usually is too long/starts too late for me to watch much.

Oh, and speaking of LOONG. I think I may never see the end of Apocalypse Now! I have tried probably 12 times, and I never make it to him crossing the border into Cambodia. As far as I know Brando is not really in the movie. I never made it that far. ;) I did read The Crucible... that should count for something.

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