Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh joy, the heat's peak was not yesterday after all.

Supposed to be 3 degrees hotter today. If Bun didn't have school, I'd take us all to the beach. I'm still tempted, but we will hunker down and lay low. It worked decently yesterday, until late afternoon, when it was just too effing hot outside and the heat topped 90 inside. Which is when the kids and I got into the pool. Cole was not happy about the chilly water at first, but I immersed him a teeny bit at a time and he ended up being in up to his chin, and happy. Plus, he got to sport an outfit that is truly humiliating. I took a photo, but have not uploaded--will capture that humiliation tonight.

Anyway, today's plan is to drink about 2 gallons of water (nursing, need more to give Cole extra since he'll be thirsty, too). And I'm making Jello. Hey, it's cool. Even if the world outside resembles hell afire.

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