Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gettin' Chiggy with It.

Chiggy is Carter's beloved, decrepit quilt. It's so ripped and falling apart there are holes clean through the thing; it's also so worn that it is amazingly soft. Do I know how to quilt? NOOOO. Will I be trying to mend the thing? Yessss. I fear a franken-quilt is going to happen. As long as it's soft, hopefully Carter will still love it. Paul and I like to 'borrow' it after the kids are asleep for sofa snuggling if we're on the same sofa, and will both try to claim it if we're each flopped out on different sofas. It's that soft. I hope I don't kill Chiggy!

(I don't know why Carter named it chiggy. Chiggy is also a generic blanket in Carter-speak, but it's like how deep South people say Coke for every soda... there is THE chiggy and A chiggy. Go firgure.)

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