Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lies I have told Bunny

Carter is too young to be lied to really, so I am sinless for him, and the baby, well, whaddaya gonne lie about to a 4 month old? You'd have to be one low down, dirty, dog to lie to a baby, and about what? Sorry honey, no more milk?

But anyway, I have stretched the truth a hell of a long way little bit when it was really, um, necessary. Such as:

They won't sell binkies for moms to give to 3 year olds! I tried!
Yes, it really is bedtime! (said a couple of times when it was about 6:30 and I'd had too many nights of solo parenting in a row)

Then there was Monster Spray. A nice smelling mixture in a spray bottle for Bun to spritz all around because monsters hate nice smelling things. Hey, I tried the 'there are no monsters'--but honesty got me nowhere fast on that one.

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