Friday, October 24, 2008

What big boys do

We're still in the process of potty training here. Carter is getting it more at home, but I have not even contemplated going out in public without a pull up. Still a way to go, really.

However, since I often tell him, "Big boys go on the potty," and tell him examples of other big boys he knows who use the potty, Carter has started to tell me other things big boys do.

"Big boys _____," has become essentially Carter's way of rationalizing anything he wants to be true or to do/not do.

Big boys don't take showers. Big boys take baths.
Big boys like peanut butter crackers.
Big boys can use knives. (OH NO THEY CAN NOT!)
Big boys watch Star Wars.
Big boys wear backpacks. Big boys put tools in their backpacks.
Big boys don't need a sweater right now because it's sunny out.
Big boys like chocolate. Big girls eat pink ice cream.

You get the idea. It's fun to hear some of his preposterous facts.


TrulyMad said...

That's cute! Don't you know - big boys know everything!!

Elle said...

I still want a clone of him-even with his two year old tantrums. Can I have one, please?

Kristianna said...

We got a new one last night. Carter told me, "Big boys can say 'ROAR!!'" and then proceeded to roar for about 15 minutes. His throat must be sore from that.


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