Saturday, October 18, 2008


This morning I made some bacon and eggs to get 'em going for the Walk-a-thon later. Carter loooves bacon, possibly more than life itself. I gave both of them 3 pieces, and then Carter got an additional 2 pieces (FYI, a piece = half a piece, since I cut the slab in half before cooking).

Carter (who has 2 pieces on his plate): Please share bacon Bunny?
Bunny ignores him.
C: Please say yes!
B: silence
C: Share! Say yes, Bunny!

Finally B switches pieces with C and all is well.


Elle said...

I love how B ignores him, but Carter knows better than to believe it. Ha!

Kristianna said...

Oh, he knew full well she heard him. I love how asked her to say yes.


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