Thursday, October 09, 2008

11 Details About Me

There is a little meme going 'round... this one is quick and so, since I likey quick and easy, here ya go!
  1. Clothes shop – the past few years? Old Navy, since I don't care if snot gets on it. ;)
  2. Furniture shop – Garage Sales, Ikea
  3. Sweet – chocolate-chocolate cake, Reece's anything
  4. City – not the biggest fan of cities, actually! But I'll be loyal and say SF
  5. Drink – gin & tonic, Fat Tire Ale, diet Coke
  6. Music – impossible to list. Easier to say I have a no Goo Goo Dolls rule that is SOLID.
  7. TV Series – Lost, Project Runway, Big Brother, Dexter, Survivor
  8. Film – Gone with the Wind, The Empire Strikes Back, Dances with Wolves, Better Off Dead
  9. Workout – Hiking, Yoga, Kettlebells
  10. Pastries – are krullers pastry?
  11. Coffee – with half and half and 1 Splenda; I like it old school best
Okay, now your turn. ;)

1 comment:

Suzanne said...

LOL on the Old Navy clothes. Great to know more about you.


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