Saturday, October 11, 2008

Must be fall...

pomagranite...yum, yum, originally uploaded by ~mccall~.

Yesterday we had out annual pumpkin decorating 'fete' at Christi's and much fun was had by all. The kids made their pumpkins beyoootiful, and the moms had Voodoo Daquiris and some fantastic 7 layer dip and other yummy snacks.

But the part my Carter wouldnotcouldnot do without was the pomegranate. The Colemans don't have a tree in their yard, but there is a neighbor behind them who is elderly and lives in a home. So his very mature fruit trees go without anyone to love them. Last year we must've eaten 2 dozen fruits off that thing, and Carter remembered it. We could tell by the color that they need another week or two to be really ready to pick, but Carter wanted one so badly that we did get that ONE to bring home. And all three kids gobbled it down as a predinner snack. Even the baby loved it.

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