Monday, October 06, 2008

Menu Monday, Oct 6

Happy Monday! I am trying to fake a lot of energy and being ready to hit the ground running this week. Saturday was 'bleh', cloudy and cooped, up, and yesterday the baby woke me at 3:50 a.m., so I am fueled by caffeine and probably slightly crazy from the sleep deprivation. Basically, I am trying to remember to not start any kooky projects that sound good, because I think I have about as much sense as I do the day before my period starts--which would mean basically none.

Thankfully I took the time to plan my menu yesterday and hauled my sorry butt to the store to prepare, since skipping that never makes anything easier. Even though it was tempting...
We're (we being me and the mouse in my pocket) trying some new things this week, along with some favorites my family requested.

Sunday: eat out!
Monday: Pork Loin Chops w/Spinach Fritters & Carrot Salad
Tuesday: Mini Cheesy Meatballs w/ simple tomato sauce over spag squash
Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan, Salad, Acorn Squash
Thursday: Undone Cabbage Roll Skillet w/rice
Friday: Ham, Cheese, Broccoli Quiche
Saturday: BBQ Chicken, Corn on cob, something else, haha

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