Saturday, October 25, 2008

Not much of an amateur dentist

who pulls your teeth?, originally uploaded by fleaflyflofun!.

Bunny wants me to yank out her loose tooth. And she also doesn't. At least not if she's going to feel it. And I don't much want to hurt her. Ugh, it's like the Wimpy and Wussy show here. I tried to get her to numb her mouth and then yank, but as soon as I move that tooth to *sooo* close to giving up the ghost of a root, she screams for me to stop. And I do. Maybe later we'll do it. Maybe not. maybe Bunny will be 25, with that same baby tooth dangling in her head, living on yogurt and oatmeal because she can't bite things. Maybe not.


Elle said...

Don't worry. It will come out when it's ready, and usually when she's in the middle of doing something else. I may not be a mom, but I have witnessed MANY teeth losses. 5th graders lose teeth like crazy, just like K and 1st grade students.

TrulyMad said...

That's definately dad's job!!!

Elle said...

Yeah, it can be pretty gnarly. Last year I had one student run up to me right when buses were being dismissed, and she showed me her molar in her hand, and then showed me the bloody pool inside of her mouth. I had to deal with it, so I gave her a paper towel to bite down on and then made her go down o the nurse to get the little treasure chest.

More than likely Bun will lose the tooth in school. She'll be so excited, too! It's a VERY big deal for the first tooth. :)


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