Saturday, December 15, 2007

Feeling the Power of the Light Side

Verdict is in: our kids love Star Wars. Thankfully it's On Demand, as the 'live' showing started at 7 last night, and no way were the kids staying up until after 9, no matter how cool Yoda is. :) Plus Bunny can watch and ask her 1,000,000 questions clarifying who exactly is bad and not. Weird thing is, while we all found out Darth Vader was Luke's father way back whenever (1980??) Bunny already knew it, since to her the series runs in a different order than it does to me and every child of the 70s (or their elders). Carter? He just likes the action and seems to believe he's watching himself whenever Luke is onscreen. Took us a while to figure out why he kept hollering "Cartert!" at the screen and then became upset when Luke was not in the scene.

Anyway... finally something we all like and not just something the adults merely find un-terrible. ;) Since they could not stay up to watch the second half, and it's yucky weather this weekend, I foresee much 'force feeling' in the immediate future.

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