Thursday, December 27, 2007

What a mess.

It's far too early to know how it all happened, but by now there are probably 3 people in the Western World and beyond who don't know a young man was killed at the SF Zoo and that two others were badly injured on Christmas. A lot of evidence points to the tiger having been provoked somehow to escape ( Again, while it's still being investigated, this sounds pretty likely, as zoo tigers are not in 'sparring shape' and even if the moat is not as tall as current standards (seems it's off by 4 feet), it's still quite a leap for a flabby 'kept tiger' to leap. Anyway, we're keeping our membership, as we love the SF Zoo and I'm sad to see that this gorgeous creature is dead.
We went to the zoo on Veteran's Day and I got a little clip of Tatiana in her enclosure. Yes, she was huge! But you can see how great a leap she had to make. While I am sorry for the families affected, this reeks of Darwinian justice. My 2 yr old would know better than to taunt a tiger.

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