Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Carter Skywalker

Carter Skywalker, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

We had a very merry Christmas and are now in the hangover stage, where the toys are fun, but the natives are also restless.

Carter made out very well, getting a teeny bike, a lot of Jay Jay and Thomas stuff, a light saber (darn that Santa putting that in the stocking), a pedal-free trike with wagon, about 20 Hot Wheels/Matchbox cars, and some nummy candy, plus some other things I am sure I'm omitting.

Bunny got her first two wheel with NO training wheels, a real digital camera (better in MPs than Mama's!), a very soft Steiff bear, a pottery wheel, 3 or 4 books, the much coveted Littlest Pet Shop ranch set, plus a few other new 'pets', and of course candy.

Oh, and of course a light saber, too. She and Carter have waged many a battle with them, and even took them to the park today. Both nights I have had to confiscate the sabers and put them away once the kids seemed to be turning to the Dark Side in temperament. ;)

I'm still large and in charge here. Today we met up with Heidi and her kids at the park and she laughed out loud at how huge I had gotten just since Saturday when last she saw me. From my view point (mainly above) it doesn't look much different, but apparently I'm really dropping, haha. I will say it's damn near impossible to keep up any but the one pair of cropped jeans (PERFECT in cold Dec weather, p'shaw) because I am not shaped anything like a normal human, well anything like a non-ready-to-pop human.

Paul said he considers the real Christmas to be whenever Cole's born, and he feels like he's in suspended animation until then. He really can't wait to hold the little guy. I'm excited to see him, but I think, seeing as I feel him all the time, it's not the same for me as him. Yes, I want to hold him, but I *have* been holding him. He's all mine now; Paul wants to have his baby in his arms. Which, since I got the sling washed and ready, he will get a lot of, fear not. Paul does the screeching baby routine much more sanely than me. It drives me up the wall when babies cry with no resolution available. Paul, however is so good at remaining calm despite the pissed-off-for-no-discernible-reason mass of humanity. Which is why the person who made slings large enough for men is a saint (though probably, they're really just for larger sized women--whatever, it works for me). Paul gets his baby time, and I get my free time, ya know, to make dinner or some other comparatively relaxing thing in the evening. ;)

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