Tuesday, September 25, 2007

On having an obstetrical appointment with a poodle on my chest.

So, I'm waiting in the exam room, having had my BP, doppler, and weight done by the nurse, when my OB opens the door, and is hunkered over, coaxing some little wiggly thing whose shadow I see before the actual dog.

It's doing that sideways nervous shimmy thing with a lot of tail wagging, which makes me think a puppy is on the way, but my OB said, "No, she's a full grown adult pregnant with two puppies in her!" The a teeny-tiny teacup toy poodle is suddenly on my chest, LOL! Nancy (my OB) asks me to be mindful she has claws, and then proceeds to measure my belly and check out my calf, as I am having varicose vein 'issues'. All with a dog that can't be more than 4 lbs with two puppies in her on my chest, haha!

She had to bring her dog in to keep her under watch, since she could go into labor anytime and needs to deliver the 2nd puppy within a certain amount of time after the first or she'll need an emergency c-section. Carter thought it was the best part of the day by far and was telling everyone about the dog (not that anyone knows 'ga' = dog in Carter-speak).

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