Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monkey, monkey...

Okay, the title is supposed to be sung a la the 'funky, funky... bidee bidde BOP' line in Cantaloop by Flip Fantasia.

Carter's wee little #2 birthday party is on, with a Cheeky Monkey theme. The house will be Halloween central, because Mama is not giving up her annual excuse to put up the glittery pumpkin Bun made a couple of years back, and of course my black table cloth with the ghosts! Plus, it's a perfect opportunity to take off a week for cobweb dusting! It's not dirt -- it's atmosphere. ;)

However, the back yard will be a monkey theme. I'm taking the monkey party ideas from good Old Martha and going from there. Found bouncy balls at Target with a monkey in them, and I'm going to make tee shirts with a monkey on the front (hope Paul Frank doesn't hunt me down and sue me for daring to put a monkey on something)... it'll be my own sad sack design. I can lay various color of ovals over each other in MS Paint and print it onto iron-on transfer paper like a mofo. I have delusions of crocheting something monkey to wear, too. Maybe the hat I have been meaning to do for about a year now, but never could find the exact yarns for.

Since Carter's two whole 2 yr old guests also have big sisters Bun's age, I still need to figure out what to make/give them to not leave them out.

Ugh, must go and change a poopy diaper. Carter is going through a phase where he is a Poop Denier. So, I also must chase him down. Being a Dirty Diaper Denier is not as bad as a holocaust denier, but it still stinks. ;)

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