Sunday, October 14, 2007

No, Pat No! Don't Sit on That!

So Carter has been enjoying a little self exploration whenever he's afforded the chance. Quite normal, though his gravelly way of saying, "I touch," is a bit odd when I am changing his diapers. Whatever.

Anyway, Paul was changing him today and noticed he was a bit red, so we decided to let him 'air out' in the back yard for a while. Usually we let him be a shirtcocker (shirt and no pants -- Burning Man phrase that cracks me up to no end), but today he was au naturel, as we were thinking he'd want to put on his swim diaper and get in the hot tub if we got in. He was running around, arching his back, trying out the sensations of 'touching' everything he can. Again, whatever. Up to a metal chair, arch back, said "touch"... and so forth.

Until: He decides to try out a lavender plant. They are kind of prickly this time of the year, since they are planted in beds that are native plants and able to handle the 5-6 mos of dryness. Up to lavender plant, arch back, says "Owwwwww." All I could think of was that line from Hop on Pop. ;)

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