Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I really don't need a new hobby/obsession.

Oct 23 2007, originally uploaded by Kristianna.

But I am being sucked into it, bit by bit. Bento appeals to my anal inner core, and I always used to love going to Miyake for lunch back when I was a working woman. All those neat little compartments, with stuff all perfectly tucked inside.

I have a depraved fascination with Japanese culture, as they have such a sense of order and yet also are completely, utterly insane at times (I used to collect--and use--Japanese kiddie stationery because it cracked me up how weird it was, but also how well thought out at the same time. My favorite set of stationery, which I still have a couple of sheets to, is one called "Animal Donut" with the words "This taste has warmed up our mind as well as our body." (Yay Engrish!) on the top of the sheets, and it's decorated with some odd hamster on a donut, and what look a lot like crullers which are shaped like animal heads. I never could figure: were the donuts made OF, FOR, or BY animals??

Anyway. I now seem to be morphing into a bento kiddie lunch maker. I bought all these Lock & Lock containers back at the beginning of the school year, but when they have all 4 inner compartments in them, as neat as they seem in theory, I never could figure how to use them for a lunch in toto and Bun is only 5; she eats with gusto, but it'd be overkill to give her 4 snacks and a sandwich. Then I saw an example of how someone removed two compartments and VOILA! perfect kiddie bento for the mom not wanting to buy much to start out.

Though, as addicting as playing with food is, I am sure I'll buy 'her' a couple for Christmas. ;)

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