Friday, October 26, 2007

A nice, laid back weekend. Pshaw!

Is October over yet? Is it?? Please?? In our house, we jokingly call fall 'birthday season' since there are a damn lot of birthdays mid-Sept thru early November, but October is by far the pinnacle. Of course, I didn't make things any easier by having a child the day before Halloween, did I? (Going with the theme, I fully expect to do into labor at, oh, 3 a.m. on Christmas morning or something magically impossible like that... I imagine myself trying to breathe through early labor while hurrying the kids through the "Santa Came!" portion and hightailing it to the hospital to deliver, but I digress.)

Anyway, counting that one party was for twins (which means it's double the fun and I count this as two), there are/were 8 birthdays in October. Plus: Bunny won that award, so we had to go to that thing. And there are Halloween festivities to get to. I was going to have C's birthday party this weekend, but another friend is having a party for a playgroup I am in, and we wanted to go, so I pushed his back a weekend. Which is a great thing, since we're going to be going trick or treating downtown this evening after the park playtime. Then tomorrow Bunny really wants to go to Lakeshore Learning to make a craft tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon we have a birthday party at a pumpkin patch (please, let it be in the shade, said the pregnant lady).

Sunday I need to make my menus for next week and grocery shop in the a.m. so I can prepare a side dish for that afternoon's halloween party, which I truly am looking forward to... as long as I can sit a lot, haha. I would call Monday a day off, but really I need to finish up the tee shirts I am making as favors for C's party and probably bake a small cake for C's 'real' birthday. maybe I'll just get cupcakes. Oh, and I really should wrap his presents. Oh, and I at sometime in the intervening few days need to buy his tricycle/helmet that Mama & Daddy are giving him. Then Tuesday is his birthday. Wednesday is Halloween! I did already buy candy. Give me the strength to not eat all the Reece's cups. ;) Bun needs to wear her costume to school, and at 12:45 I need to get there for her parade and party. So much for Mr. Man's nap.

Paul is *so* taking the kids around for a few blocks of trick or treating while I hand out candy that evening. but, but, but, then I don't get to see C holding out his pumpkin bucket begging for candy! Or maybe hiding because he's not as adventurous as his big sister. I guess I can live with that, right? I will pass out candy at home, and Paul would love to see it all, anyway. He can carry C on his shoulders, it will be okay to miss it (this is me convincing myself to *not* do something here).

And then on Thursday? Rest! Unless something comes up. Oh, and Paul just told me to not overdo it tonight. Bwahaha. As if I have a choice. ;) I da mama!

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