Monday, October 29, 2007

Is Halloween over yet?

While I suppose it's nice that costumes get a lot more use these days, it's out of CONTROL how much Halloween has changed from a one night, put on a sheet or something lame that resembles a trash bag with a very dangerous mask having itty eyeholes, into a month long extravaganza. Our first H'ween party was September 29!!! Eeesh.

Anway, here are the kidlets, in their sugar-induced states from Friday when we went TOTing downtown. I must admit they're super cute kids. ;) Little Carter was mystified by it all, but he certainly 'got' that people were being really nice and giving away candy to him, and all he had to do was hold out a big pumpkin bucket!

Was it wrong that I ate a Reece's cup out of his bucket that very night? Hey, he doesn't even like peanut butter (though I guess adding chocolate to the equation may have changed it a bit).

P.S. Carter is a monkey, but he refuses to put up the hoodie part. Stinker!

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