Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Where did September go?

This last month flew by for us here... so many new routines and changes with the new school year. October always seems like such a crazy month, too, and then it just gets more hectic until after New Years. Phew. I'm tired thinking about it all.

I need to stay on the ball around the house so I don't add to the craziness that way. Unfortunately, I have Mt. Fold-a-me on the going on here, and I have been able to ignore it, LOL... I need to finish feeding the baby, and get 15 mins of folding done so I feel less overwhlemed! Bunny has had a couple of accidents in her bed two nights in a row, which makes for a lot of laundry added to the norm. (She's either growing or stressed by school, and I fear it may be the latter, but that is not this post.)

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