Monday, September 15, 2008


When I was a kid, those scratch and sniff perfums samples were out of control. Upon opening a magazine (probably my mom's issue of Town and Country), a sickening mix of perfumes would waft out. My mother loved heavy perfumes, which I believe was to cover the smell of tobacco as much as anything--can't smell the pack of cigarettes if you put enough Poison on! So those samples were always opened. To this day I have practically ZERO tolerance for heavy perfumes. Musky ones in particular hurt my throat and give me a headache. No wonder I almost never wear any, and if I do, the scenta are citrusy.

Magazine samples have evolved a LOT since then. Teeny dabs of actual lotions or whatever are now in the mix.You can practically give yourself a minimakeover while reading a fashion magazine!

Now, looks like we may get a snack, too! Just what was missing -- peel and taste advertising. I guess it'll increase sales, but my first reaction? Ewwww.

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Elle said...

Awwww, come on! Haven't you ever wanted to eat your own magazine? I know I sure get hungry when I read juicy details about my fave celebs or about organizing my closet. Oh, man. I'm just drooling at the thought.


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