Saturday, September 20, 2008

What? What's this?

It's lunchtime on a Saturday afternoon, and... it's so quiet here! The 'big kids' are playing at a the house of a family who have kids both their ages, and Cole is asleep (knock wood). I was making myself brunch--forgot to eat breakfast--and noticed Pingu on the TV, which I had forgotten to turn off as we left the house. Fixed that--turned on the Alternative music channel and Mommy is chilling. Sometimes it happens! Not often, but, sometimes! :)

In a couple of hours, I retrieve the kids, do a status check on whether Carter is really up for the birthday party he is welcome to attend this afternoon (but to which Bunny was actually invited), then hop over to stage 2 of the day. Hey, if Carter does need a nap, then I can probably drop off Bun to the party and continue with my relatively relaxing day. It's not the same as 'pre kids', when I could do literally anything I wanted, and never would have peppered catching up on laundry in with 'relaxing', but ya takes what ya gets.

1 comment:

Elle said...

A sign of things to come...yes, one day it will come, and not for just a few mins. :)


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