Monday, September 22, 2008


Bunny and her friend were doing homework together, working on spelling. It's a list of 10 words, and on the first day of the week they copy it, sound it out, spell it out loud, then write it once more. I hear F say, "I'm on 7," and Bunny reply, "I'm on 8." F then says maybe she will do 10, then work backwards (probably so she 'gets' to 10 first, hee hee), and B objects, "That's cheating!" while giggling. A little more back and forth on whether it matters what order you do the words in, and they got to finishing up the last couple so they could go to Bun's room to play Barbies or Little Pet Shop (they were trying to decide last I heard).

It was humorous to hear them debating whether there is a 'right' way to do a spelling list. I guess we can see who is the free thinker in that duo. For all her stubbornness at times, Bunny is very into THE RULES. Guess that's why she was a Safety Marshall last year. ;)

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