Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dear Kenley Collins,

I love your style. Your dresses are so classic and probably flatter a lot more women than a lot of what is 'current' out there now. Your hair? Shiny and gorgeous. I loved you from episode one of this season. I'd dare say you were by far my favorite.

Things changed. Whenever you receive criticism, you bray like a donkey. It's weird, because I kind of hoped you'd be eliminated last night just so I won't have to hear your voice make that droning sound, or see you childishly laugh at someone else receiving a critique. News flash: other people have feelings the same as you do, and I somehow think you'd be insulted if one of your fellow designers heehawed while you were being dressed down.

But you're young. I can excuse this. Just please grow up. Lest I be forced to root for Korto and Jarrell.

Still love your stuff, sis. Just never try to tell LL Cool J that crazy and ill fitting high waist pants (with UGLY buttons!) and a flowery shirt is hip hop. Yeah, you got the worst judge to have on that day of your career, but take it like a man. Or Heidi will auf wiedersehen your butt back to 1947.

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