Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Little People Renaissance

I have a tender spot for the Little People. While they're not the same as when I was a kid (they were perfect choking hazard shape then), I remember sitting for hours playing with the house and the 'people'... so I have been collecting them for my kids since Bunny was about 9 months old and she got 'her' own house. Little People-ville has grown over the years to include a house, barn, zoo, train, preschool, garage, and many large and small vehicles.

Recently Carter has really gotten into playing with the house. It's so much fun to see him using his 'magining' as his play develops. But he is all boy. Guess what's the first thing the 'Daddy' needs to do everytime we put out the house? Go potty. Sometimes that's all that happens -- different little people going to the potty. Little People-ville really needs a public restroom, heh heh.

(Might also be a reflection on his potty training, which is still 'going', obviously, but I think he just likes the toilet, honestly!)

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Elle said...

Yup! You got it! He is actually just playing out what he's trying to understand. Very typical (albeit funny) for little ones. It's just how they try to make sense of what they are currently trying to learn or understand. :)


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