Saturday, September 06, 2008

It was the best of songs, ir was the worst of songs...

There is a meme going around about the best/worst song in the history of civilization. I read about it HERE...

Best and worst of songs would have to be one of the more subjective things possible... I'm going to narrow things down a little, because I have a lot of favorites in this world, and because I can flipping write whatever I please, I am going to go with this: What is the best and worst song in the history of The Rolling Stones?

Ah, much more manageable. But of course no less controversial. So many ways to go for the best. Should I be conventional and just say Satisfaction? I mean, that riff... come on. It's arguably the best rock song period. Sympathy for the Devil has been mentioned, and it's got many merits. I personally can not resist torturing people with my singing to Woowoo along with it. Time is On My Side is good, but ever since that Denzel Washington movie where posessed people sang it, it's too creepy. A VERY highly ranked one, to me, is Under My Thumb. It's an odd choice, perhaps, but I just love that song. I don't believe for a moment it's really sexist as much as a response perhaps to a very pushy girlfriend, etc. However there is one ultimate song that, when I hear it, it just lifts me.

She's a Rainbow

I lovelovelovelove this song! Probably, given the 'she combs her hair and colors fly out of it' lyrics, and that it was recorded in 1967, it's a wee bit acid induced in its imagery. If so, then I am glad they did enough LSD to come up with that gem. :)

Worst? Meh, probably Honkey Tonk Woman. What WERE they thinking?
Oh, I and since I am in an arbitrary mood, I'm pretending the Rolling Stones never recorded a thing after say 1985. Once you're post Harlem Shuffle, it's just not worth it.


Elle said...

Found a cool video for the Sympathy for the Devil. Don't know if your computer will handle it, but here it is:

:) I really like this one. I like the way it's shot and everything. (Could do without the shots of NERD, but anyway)

Elle said...

Here's "She's a Rainbow"


BTW, when I was in high school I used to walk from my house on SkyView all the way up to where The Justices lived off Rivermont...Rolling Stones is what I usually played on my walk. :)


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