Tuesday, September 09, 2008

*blink blink!*

Yesterday I was pretty pooped by the time I sat down to watch TV with Paul. Bunny had the day off from school and we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is a haul, and then a lot of walking. I have a nasty head-migrating-to-chest cold that the boys also have (Bunny? Had it last week.). And I was FINALLY flipping through the September issue of Real Simple, which came 3 weeks ago.

So I was not fully paying attention, since what was on was not interesting to me (something about the Civil War--Paul's choice, of course!). But I perked up when I *thought* I heard some CRAZY nonsense on a commercial. The scene was a man and a woman, and what I caught was a man saying how natural HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP was and then a website ( to check out for more.

Kristianna: Whaaaaaaa?
Paul: Sorry, what?
K: Was that commercial for corn syrup?
P: Yeah, weird, huh?!?
K: Weird? Weird? That sh*t is terrible for you, because of how it metabolizes in the body! Sugar sucks, but damn, corn syrup is awful comparatively! How can they have commercials FOR that stuff?
P: Well, they used to have cigarette commercials...
K: Urging people to choose products that could put people at risk for diabetes and liver stress to name but two is not much better than pushing cancer sticks.

Blah blah blah....

The point is!! Um... that is WHACK. I stopped buying Yoplait because of HFCS. Ditto for many things I liked until my eyes spied the label--and I was SUPER bummed by the Yoplait, I tell you.

I guess the good thing is people must be paying attention and choosing products without HFCS, or why else would they have ads?

Oh, and the ads were oversimplified and condescending as hell. As if people who are anti HFCS have no clue why. Were I the person in the commercial being asked why they don't want something with HFCS, I'd have had an answer!


TrulyMad said...

I saw that commercial! It's corn and corn is good right? Eww yeck eh. LOL

Kristianna said...

The more I see those ads, the more I don't appreciate the condescending tone of them. The one with the two moms is worse in that way.


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