Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Kitchen

Heidi tagged me to post about my kitchen... photos and a little description.

Well, let me start by saying, I am lucky she did it Monday of this week. My father in law had been here just the day before, and while he was being mauled by playing with the kids, I caught up big time in there! Otherwise it could have been much less pretty, though having a baby who sits and tries to figure out how to put Cheerios into his mouth all by himself *and* a child in school all day has given me more opportunities to clean and I have caught up a lot in the past month. I took these photos Monday, but haven't had time to post until today.

Having said that! Here is my little kitchen.

First I tried to just get it from one side.

Then I decided to see how the panoramic shot mode of my camera works.
Well, my ceiling is not curved, but you do get the view from the fridge, haha! The pan in the sink left from the prior day is just there for effect (or because I hate washing pots--you choose the answer that makes you happy).
Until very recently I had a large cutting board on the counter where the placemats are, but I needed the room for the kids to eat breakfast and lunch. Plus I get to use my seasonal placemats, so it's functional decoration. :)

Here is where my clutter lives--the kitchen clutter, at least. The one corner by the microwave is where I keep fruit, onions, avocados (top of nuker), winter squash (in season again, yaaay! hey, I get excited about weird things, I know), a mini prep food processor, and the toaster. I used to try to put away the toaster when not in use, but we use it at least daily now, so I leave it out. That's my determining factor for 'show or stow': if I would have to take it out daily, it belongs out. That cool hanging spice rack is a gift from my sister. I thought she was out of her mind when I opened it, but grew to love it as it really is great and keeps the things I use all the time at reach but not in the way (and it measures 1/4 tsp increments at a click!).

The basket by the coffee maker has assorted junk and hair fixing 'stuff'. I can't take Bun back to my bathroom to do her hair unless I want to have bedlam going on, so I keep it all handy. Bit of function over form, for sure, but I can't be picky. Speaking of picky -- the oatmeal by the stove drives me crazy. Crazy, I tell you! But Paul makes himself oatmeal every morning and begged me to let him leave it out. So I pretty much let him. These are the things you do for familial harmony. ;)

The fridge. Top is mine -- grocery pad, 'to do/buy' pads. Lower part is the usual gallery.

Quick peek inside. I do my weekly shopping on Sundays, so it's fairly well stocked. Extra food lives in garage fridge until I am ready to bring it inside, since I buy 4-5 gallons of milk at a time, and I figure we average 15-20 lbs of meat a week. My family EATS. Confession time: I turned a few things so the labels were front-facing. Looks nicer that way, haha!

This is the most important thing in the kitchen for me sometimes -- the calendar! I put EVERYTHING on it, meals, appts, whatever. Paul, by the way is allowed to use it, but has been strongly autioned to NOT use half a whole day's square just to write two freaking words (ahem).

Cabinet space is VERY limited, so this lazy susan is a wonderful thing to have. Looking at it yo ucan deduce two things: I use a lot of tomato products and I buy things in multiples. Oh, and I also have a hard time remembering if I need more whole tomatoes... so I buy far too many of those. If I turned this and took a photo, you'd see even more of those puppies.

Under the sink. More of my tendency to stock up on things here. 3 cans of Ajax for a buck? Sure! I keep a stack of kitchen rags handy and also the baby bibs. The only things that doesn't 'go' her is the clear storage box under the box of trash bags. That's my clipper set. Since I trim my husband's hair nearly weekly, I like to have it handy.

So, there you go. My kitchen.
Now, it's YOUR turn. Please feel free to link back to me or Heidi's post, and let's see how far this goes. Could be fun!


Elle said...

Wow. Now there's a detailed account of the second-most busy room in your house. Bravo!

Kristianna said...

It's incredible how many hours of the day I spend in there, considering it's what? 100SF? Less?

Lady Buell said...

Nice kitchen.

Finally got my kitchen blog tag finished. Come on over and see for yourself.


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