Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Awkward Neighbor Girl Meets Some

Neighbors, that is. Hey, it takes me a while to warm up, haha. We met our 'new' friends at a 'new' park today, and had a lot of fun. Another parent on the block also came to the park, so I really upped the number of people I know in my immediate area today. Everyone had a nice time, we went on a very mini hike up to a meadow where we feasted on wild blackberries (not really, but we did have a few) and watched dragon flies, which were numerous, and the two little boys, Carter and new friend Hudson, poked sticks into the water. We also had the world's smallest wild plums. Who needs to pack a snack when you can live off the land like that? (Not.) I am excited to bring Paul to do a real hike, as the trails link up to the LG Open Space and miles and miles of other trails--all a very quick drive from home.

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