Saturday, September 06, 2008

57 Channels and There's Nothing On

Way back in a time known as the 1980s it was hard. See, there was MTV, but I didn't have it. I actually looked forward to piano lessons more for the hour of cable before my lesson than the lesson itself... Oooh, Downtown Julie Brown, you rocked with your dumb British accent and worse than average fashion!

At home, we had 4 channels until FOX, then we had a whopping 5. Which was a huge improvement, since it opened up more than 25% more choices, since PBS was not the one I chose to watch on my own. When I went to college, we had cable. And I learned that you can have endless options and still not find anything good to watch.

As a mom, I marvel at times at the choices my kids have for TV *just* for them. There are a good 12 channels devoted to kiddie programs, not counting that PBS seems to have educations childrens' shows on about 10 hours each day (and we have 5 PBS stations broadcasting at the same time, plus their 'extra channels'). Endless choices, right?

So why is it that on a Saturday morning my kids can't seem to find ONE thing that is actually being aired? Okay, then there's On Demand. My word, with that entered into the equation I estimate there are fifty gabillion options. And to its credit, generally there is something they like. But On Demand is like an onion--you have to navigate down through layers and layers to see what a certain channel has to offer and if you come up lacking, then you have to try another layer, and another. And another.

I hate On Demand. I hate using it! I wish there was just 'kid crap' as a menu to go through, like there is for what's being broadcast 'live', so I could use that time spent trying to find something my picky angels find acceptable to do something else, like sit and stare at a wall. But I also hate using DVDs, so it's probably me.

I think I *kind of* miss having 4 channels. Naaah. Not really.

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