Monday, September 01, 2008

Eclairs -- Daring Bakers, 08-08

The August Daring Bakers Challenge was Eclairs... Mmmmm. Like the donut's regal aunt.

The recipe chosen for us to do this month (my first!) is from Chocolate Desserts By Pierre Hermé. A lot of elements to put together on a Sunday morning when your baby is teething and in a back carrier much of the time, but my faithful sous chef Bunny was there to help make sure no ingredient was forgotten, no eclair undipped, and no spoon unlicked.

The dough came together wonderfully! It was very dry here today, so it actually took an extra yolk for it to seem the right consistency, but thankfully I'd made choux before and knew what to look for. I tried to get a nice photo of my hand cracking an egg into this, but I am a sucky left handed photographer. :)

Fresh from the oven. So light they felt weightless.

Sous chef Bunny stirs the chocolate sauce.

And dips the eclairs. Oh la la! You shoulda seen her shirt after she was done, BTW. Not a good call to let her wear white this morning. Not that I thought about it until I was telling her to change and let me have it to douse with a gallon or three of Spray & Wash.

Gooey on my hands... Mmmmmmmmm. These are good! This one was from the second batch in the oven. I got bored of straight eclairs and made some "s" shapes as well as some cream puffs. So sue me.

One last peek. Blurry again, because of my passenger on my back.

At least I tell myself it was him. I took this later, and you can see that he's very active lately. But it's also a little blurry where it should be sharp. Sooooo, I think my lens is greasy.

Anyway, that's my first DB challenge. Whee!
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Erik said...

Congratulations on your first DB challenge. I love to see kids getting involved. You eclairs look great.

Claire said...

What a cute helper you have. They look like they turned out just scrumptiously. :-)

silverrock said...

Beautiful looking eclairs, I'm sure the kids loved them. Here's hoping you didn't have to clean chocolate out of anyone's hair/clothes :P Congrats on your first DB challenge!

Kristianna said...

Thank you all so much... first of many fun ones, I hope!

TrulyMad said...

Muffy, those look great!

I tried to make eclairs twice, and both times I failed miserably! *sigh*

Lis said...

They look great!

Welcome to the DB! :)


Kristianna said...

Thank you Becca and Lis. I am going to be good this month and not bake anything. My butt will thank me. :)

Kristianna said...

Well, except for next month's challenge... but anyway...


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